New Helldivers 2 patch increases level cap and buffs lots of guns

New Helldivers 2 patch increases level cap and buffs lots of guns

Weapon buffs to help democratise space (Picture: YouTube)

Buffed guns, blizzards and sandstorms, and a tripled level cap are among the fixes and improvements in Helldivers 2’s latest big patch.

Arrowhead made the sensible decision to release its latest patch for Helldivers 2 today – rather than on April Fool’s Day yesterday – which would’ve undoubtedly ended in a lot of confusion.

The new patch focuses on increasing the level cap from 50 to 150, lots of weapon buffs, reduced time for stratagem cooldowns and call-in times, and adds blizzards and sandstorms.

It’s the level cap increase that’s most anticipated by fans, but the fact that the power of the weapons has been increased, rather than decreased, has also got people excited.

The decision to reduce the time to use stratagems – weapons and equipment players can call down as aid – are also going down well.

Despite the lack of genuinely new features the patch’s contents have gone down well so far, with the major changes being as follows:

Halved the negative effect of operation modifiers that increase stratagem cooldowns or call in times.

Anti-Materiel Rifle: damage increased by 30%.

Breaker Incendiary: damage per bullet increased from 15 per bullet to 20 per bullet.

Fire damage per tick increased by 50% (from all sources).

Dominator: increased damage from 200 to 300, and increased stagger.

Slugger: reduced damage from 280 to 250, and reduced stagger.

Fans can expect better weapons and easier missions (Picture: Arrowhead)

Helldivers 2 is also trying to balance the game’s difficulty with these changes:

Moved the enemy spawn points further away from the objective to give players a fairer chance of defending the location.

There are fewer civilians required to complete the mission on higher difficulties.

The patch also recognised that the game could still crash when picking up a snowball or throwing back a grenade, so you’ll have to wait until next time to fix that.

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Last month Helldivers 2 fans were upset that their weapons were nerfed in a previous patch, and so, unsurprisingly, they seem very welcoming of the newly buffed weapons at their disposal.

You can read up on all the patch notes in the Helldivers 2 Steam update here.

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