Love Island star announces baby joy in tear-jerking video after fertility struggle

Love Island star announces baby joy in tear-jerking video after fertility struggle

Connagh Howard and Beth Dunleavy are expecting their first child (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

Love Island star Connagh Howard is set to become a father after a long road of fertility treatment.

The fitness coach, 32, appeared in the 2020 series of the ITV dating show, but went on to find love with fellow reality star Beth Dunleavy.

Beth, who has appeared in Channel 4 reality competition The Circle, is expecting the couple’s first child, and they made the announcement with a gorgeous video on Instagram.

And be warned, it is an absolute tear-jerker.

Set to the piano instrumental track Golden Hour by Daniela Micuchova, already an emotional track on its own, a black-and-white video montage showed the couple in tears, going through gruelling IVF treatments including injections, laughing with friends, going to hospital appointments and watching the results of negative pregnancy tests.

Then the video turns to colour, as the couple recorded the moment they learned their newest test was positive.

A video showed the long and painful journey it took to get here (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

The couple have been to fertility clinics after not getting pregnant for several years after trying (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

The heartbreaking video shows moments they learned pregnancy tests were negative (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

They fall into each other’s arms in tears, before an image of a sonogram appears on the screen.

Alongside the incredible video, the couple wrote in a joint Instagram statement: ‘Every injection, every tear, every procedure, every pain; every last inch of this journey has been worth it for you, and I’d do it 100 times over if I had to, we already love you so much.

Our baby decided the time was right and we are over the moon to finally announce we are PREGNANT.’

Beth went on to send love to other couples going through similar difficulties, saying ‘I know that not everyone’s journey looks like ours, and announcements like this are hard to see, I’ve been there and I see you’.

Beth and Connagh recorded the moment they learned they were expecting their first child (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

They fell into each other’s arms in tears in the gorgeous moment (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

She added: ‘To those still waiting for their miracle, I send you all my love and hope. Don’t give up.’

Beth and Connagh have been together for four years and have been open about their fertility struggle, having been trying for a baby for close to three years.

In 2023, they spoke in a video about how they had stopped being ‘careful’ a year into their relationship in the hopes she would fall pregnant, but it didn’t happen.

The parents-to-be shared a sonogram of their unborn child (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

After undergoing surgery for endometriosis, Beth attended a fertility clinic and Connagh underwent semen analysis, which was first ‘borderline’ but then had a marked improvement after changes to his lifestyle and diet.

When the couple still didn’t fall pregnant, and after Beth underwent acupuncture sessions, they were told they had ‘unexplained fertility’ and were offered IVF.

IVF involves fertilising an egg with sperm in a laboratory, which is then transferred into the woman’s womb to grow.

Beth and Connagh have been together for three years (Picture: Instagram/ bethdunlavey)

Beth had said the IVF ‘consumed our life and relationship’ calling it ‘painful, are, uncertain and full of grief,’ but that they were determined to continue to have the ‘family we deserve to have’.

Over a year later and the couple are now basking in love and congratulations from friends and followers, including from Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby, who said she was ‘absolutely over the moon for you Beth!’

‘OVER THE MOON congratulations my love!’

Sophie Kasaei said it was ‘unbelievable,’ adding ‘I knew your time would come.’

And Siannise Fudge said it had ‘made my whole day. I’m sooo happy for you both! The best news ever.’

Pregnancy loss helpline

For emotional support, you can contact Miscarriage Association’s pregnancy loss helpline on 01924 200799 or email

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