In other news, the GOP wants to name an airport after a broke, twice-impeached rapist

In other news, the GOP wants to name an airport after a broke, twice-impeached rapist

It seems there’s nothing the Republican party isn’t willing to do for the disgraceful one-term president it leveraged into one of the most powerful offices in the world.

Donald Trump is many things, but competent isn’t one of them. He was an utter humiliation of a president, and long before he miraculously obtained the position, he was a terrible businessman. For decades, he ran businesses into the ground, declared bankruptcy, robbed vendors, and explained it all away with a flippant nonchalance. Despite this reality, and the glaring fact that Trump remains the single most damaging president in the history of this nation, the GOP continues to treat him as a messianic figure.

They’re so obsessed with the optics of being the biggest sycophant that a number of House Republicans are pushing to rename Virginia’s Washington Dulles International Airport, the fourth-largest U.S. airport, as “Donald J. Trump International Airport.”

It’s a disgustingly groveling move from Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa) and his six co-sponsors, particularly in the wake of Trump’s numerous ongoing trials — not to mention his past convictions. Trump, as we know, is a disgraced former president who tried to overturn an election, incited an insurrection, and lied to the American public for years, but he’s much more than that. He’s also a rapist who was found guilty of defaming and sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll, a thief known to blatantly steal from people he hired to perform various tasks as a businessman, and an American citizen currently facing several trials accusing him of widespread fraud.

That’s on top of his current money woes, which have seen the unrepentant grifter hawk various products in an effort to raise money for both his campaign and legal fees. His sacrilegious U.S.A.-themed bibles must not be selling great, given the former president’s push for donations, but he won’t give up until he’s literally behind bars. Even then, he’ll be preaching about the “witch hunt” that landed him there.

So no, GOP ⏤ thanks for the pitch, but we’d prefer not to have our entire nation associated with this skid mark of a human being. People visiting the country shouldn’t be greeted, upon first stepping on U.S. soil, by the most embarrassing citizen our country has to offer. Trump already has dozens of tacky buildings with his name plastered across them — does he really need one more?

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