‘I can’t wait to stir up some trouble in paradise’: Why is Sarah Hyland leaving ‘Love Island: USA’ and who is hosting season 6?

‘I can’t wait to stir up some trouble in paradise’: Why is Sarah Hyland leaving ‘Love Island: USA’ and who is hosting season 6?

Grab your sunglasses, bikinis, and Love Island-branded water bottles, because it looks like Love Island: USA will be experiencing some major switches this summer — for better or for worse — beginning with a brand new host of the beloved competition series.

While the British version of Love Island was a smash hit for several years prior, an American version of Love Island debuted in 2019, running for three seasons with Arielle Vandenberg serving as the host. Switching from CBS to Peacock for seasons 4 and 5, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland replaced Vandenberg, and it looks like season 6 will introduce a brand new host to the franchise, despite staying on the same network.

Why is Sarah Hyland stepping away from Love Island: USA, and who will serve as her replacement? Keep scrolling for all of the nitty gritty details…

Why is Sarah Hyland leaving Love Island: USA?

With information getting leaked on the internet that Hyland is leaving the hit competition show, the wife of Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams took to her Instagram story to explain the reasoning behind her departure, attacking the situation head on.

“Well, just got a text,” she joked while utilizing some signature Love Island lingo, prior to delving into the details:

“I’m disappointed the news had to break this way, but it is in fact true that I will not be returning to the island this summer. I have committed to an exciting project, that will be announced soon, that conflicts directly with the shooting dates for Love Island: USA. While I’m sad I can’t return, I hope to see lots of love this summer on Peacock this upcoming season!”

Given the fact that there appears to be no bad blood between Hyland and the Love Island franchise, it is still unclear as to whether or not this departure if for season 6 exclusively, or if she is stepping away from Love Island: USA once and for all.

Who is hosting Love Island: USA season 6?

Given the fact that she has been vocal on numerous occasions about being a massive Love Island fan, it is no surprise that Vanderpump Rules star — as well as recent Dancing With the Stars finalist — Ariana Madix will host season 6 of Love Island: USA.

Making guest appearances in both season 5 of Love Island: USA and Love Island Games to host some challenges, Madix has already dipped her toe into the villa — both literally and figuratively — taking to Instagram to explain just how excited she is for the full-time hosting opportunity:

“Talk about a bombshell! This summer I’m trading rhinestone buckles for bikinis. I’m hosting the next season of Love Island: USA, streaming this summer on Peacock. I can’t wait to stir up some trouble in paradise.”

The premiere date for Love Island: USA season 6 is yet to be announced, but it is safe to say that we will be keeping up with the beloved competition series, as well as Ariana Madix, on social media for all of the updates.

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