Prosecutors seek over two years in jail for World Cup kiss

Prosecutors seek over two years in jail for World Cup kiss

Spanish prosecutors have reportedly called for the former head of the country’s football federation to be jailed for two and a half years after he kissed one of his national team’s stars in the aftermath of Spain’s victory at the FIFA World Cup final in Sydney last year.

Luis Rubiales was seen grabbing player Jenni Hermoso and kissing her on the mouth after the win last August.

Hermoso and her teammates have criticised Rubiales, and said the kiss was unwanted.

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The BBC, quoting a Reuters report, said prosecutor Marta Durantez has charged Rubiales with one count of sexual assault and one count of coercion.

The former charge is worth a year in prison, the latter 18 months, if Rubiales is found guilty.

Durantez has also accused ex-national coach Jorge Vilda, the team’s sporting director Albert Luque, and the national federation’s marketing head Ruben Rivera, of coercing Hermoso into saying the kiss was consensual.

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They allegedly carried out “constant and repeated acts of pressure”, including through Hermoso’s friends and family, the BBC reported.

All three denied wrongdoing in court.

Rubiales, who has since resigned as head of the federation, has also consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Durantez is also calling for the four accused to pay a collective €100,000 ($165,747) in damages to Hermoso and for a restraining order against Rubiales to prevent him from approaching or contacting the footballer.

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