Motorists told to double-check petrol prices before filling up

Motorists told to double-check petrol prices before filling up

Motorists have been told to double-check petrol prices when filling up their tanks as NSW Fair Trading officers crack down on service stations displaying false fuel prices.

In 2023, Fair Trading found 44 petrol stations had advertised cheaper prices on their signs, only to charge more at the pump.

This year, motorists have been urged to use the FuelCheck app to ensure the price being advertised is the actual cost of filling up.

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“While most service stations are doing the right thing, if motorists notice the price at the pump does not match what is shown in the app or if there is no sign at the service station, they are encouraged to make a complaint directly to NSW Fair Trading,” Minister for Better Regulation and Fair Trading Anoulack Chanthivon said.

“With the current cost of living challenges, FuelCheck provides consumers with the most comprehensive and reliable information on where the cheapest fuel is in their area.

“There can often be a price difference of more than 30 cents per litre between service stations located just a few kilometres apart, so motorists stand to bank big savings by using the FuelCheck app.”

Service stations found falsely advertising fuel prices will be issued a $1,100 fine.

More than 2000 service stations appear on the FuelCheck app.

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