Man changes name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ and launches US election bid

Man changes name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ and launches US election bid

A Texas man has legally changed his name to “Literally Anybody Else” before announcing he would run for president in the 2024 US election.

The 35-year-old, formally known as Dustin Ebey, is a US Army veteran and seventh-grade maths teacher who lives in the suburbs of Dallas.

He changed his name due to his dissatisfaction with the current candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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“It’s not necessarily about me as a person, but it’s about literally anybody else as an idea,” he told news outlet WFAA88.

“Three hundred million people can do better (than the current frontrunners).

“There really should be some outlet for people like me who are just so fed up with this constant power grab between the two parties that just has no benefit to the common person.

“My hope is to have Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and then Literally Anybody Else right underneath.

“We don’t have a ‘neither’ option on the ballot, and this kind of fills that role.”

He needs 113,000 signatures from non-primary voters in Texas by May to get his new name on the ballots.

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