China lifts Aussie wine tariffs, reopening $1 billion market

China lifts Aussie wine tariffs, reopening $1 billion market

China will drop tariffs on Australian wine, reopening a $1.1 billion market after years of being blocked.

Australian wine makers have been crippled by the tariffs since 2020.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said as a result of the sanctions being lifted, Australia would drop its legal proceedings at the World Trade Organisation.

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He praised a “calm and consistent approach” that he said was also what achieved the successful removal of duties on Australian barley last year.

“Since 2020, China’s duties on Australian wine effectively made it unviable for Australian producers to export bottled wine to that market,” he said.

“We acknowledge and thank Australian grape growers and wine producers for their fortitude and support during a challenging period.

The Albanese government has made repairing relations with China a priority since it was elected in 2022.

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The prime minister said the government’s approach was “to cooperate with China where we can, disagree where we must and engage in our national interest – the outcomes on barley and wine reflect that approach.

“We will continue to press for all remaining trade impediments affecting Australian exports to be removed, which is in the interests of both Australia and China.”

The wine tariffs will be lifted from tomorrow.

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