Where was Kate Middleton spotted for the first time since being hospitalized?

Where was Kate Middleton spotted for the first time since being hospitalized?

Watchers of the British royal family spit out their tea when Kate Middleton was photographed today for the first time since the Duchess of Cambridge entered the hospital in late Jan. 2024 for an undisclosed non-cancerous abdominal surgery, and then disappeared from the public eye.

Whatever Middleton’s procedure was, it was announced it would take up to two weeks in the hospital for Prince William’s wife to recover, and she might not resume her duties until after Easter. Months later, when Middleton still hadn’t been seen in public, rumors and conspiracy theories went viral online about what happened to her.

Theories about Kate ranged from the relatively benign, including a possible hysterectomy that the royal family would understandably rather keep private, to the truly bizarre: Kate may have been injured or even killed by William, heir to the British throne, and the royal family was engaged in a cover-up.

In early March, however, the first picture of Kate appeared since her surgery, and if the picture can be believed, Kate’s alive and well. But to date, we’re no closer to knowing what landed her in the hospital.

Middleton was pictured driving with her mother

Hold on a minute there internet. Someone removed the distortion from the Kate Middleton image produced on TMZ.

Prince William, please come and ID your wife. Harpo, who dis? pic.twitter.com/11gKuVyVkI

— Carmen’s Granddaughter (@CarmenGranddau1) March 4, 2024

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In the first Kate Middleton photo since the Duchess’ last public sighting since Christmas 2023, she was in a car driven by her mother, Carole Middleton, near Windsor Castle. Kate wore sunglasses in the passenger seat, and although it’s hard to read her expression in the photograph, she seems fine. The photo emerged shortly after Middleton’s team spoke with Page Six about her condition. They gave no indication why Kate had surgery, but they said she’s “doing well.”

“Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands,” the rep added.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told ETOnline that given the estimated length of Kate’s recovery time, whatever the procedure was, it must have been invasive. “[Kate’s] road to recovery we expect to be a slow one, but we understand she should and will make a full recovery,” Nicholl said.

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