Why does Usher wear gloves when he performs?

Why does Usher wear gloves when he performs?

The world is still talking about the eye-popping Super Bowl played between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, which eventually went to overtime and ended with the Chiefs securing a fourth Super Bowl ring. And while the action on the field was certainly entertaining, R&B superstar Usher kept the house rocking with his larger-than-life performance during halftime.

During the aforementioned performance, Usher belted a variety of hits — including “Yeah!,” “U Don’t Have to Call,” and “Love in this Club.” At the same time, the 45-year-old singer dazzled the live audience and eagle-eyed viewers at home with his precise roller skating, intense dance sequences, and surprise guests. And yet, the most intriguing part about Usher’s acclaimed presentation was his utilization of leather gloves, which earned him the “king of unnecessary gloves” label.

Throughout the 15-minute performance, the R&B star donned several pairs of stylish gloves — all of which caught the attention of viewers all around the world who were watching. As a result, all eyes have been on the inclusion of these gloves, and their specific importance.

Did Usher wear gloves at the 2024 Super Bowl?

As previously mentioned, Usher did wear gloves while performing at the 2024 Super Bowl, with a white glove on display on one hand during the first half of his performance. After collaborating with Alicia Keys, Usher eventually switched to a blue and black outfit while roller skating, with black leather gloves on display.

So, why does Usher wear gloves when he performs?

Uhhh what’s with the gloves Usher??? pic.twitter.com/KHPISnjYRv

— Nate (@AchillesMoto) February 11, 2024

Believe it or not, no official answer has been given as to why Usher wears gloves when he performs — especially when you consider the fact that Usher has been wearing gloves when he performs since the ‘90s, when he first had his breakthrough as a credible music artist. From there, the singer has worn gloves in the 2000s and 2010s as well, including wearing them during certain interviews.

One theory about Usher wearing gloves refers to the performer wearing them to honor Michael Jackson as a tribute — specifically a pair of white gloves, which Jackson made famous throughout his career. This theory hasn’t been confirmed, of course, but seeing as Jackson is a notable influence and inspiration for many artists, it certainly wouldn’t be too difficult to believe. 

Another theory points at Usher perhaps having a certain health concern or germaphobia, thus why he would wear the gloves to either protect himself or others. Then again, one could argue that he simply wears gloves as a fashion statement to enhance the appearance of his outfits and costumes while singing and dancing. Either way, wearing gloves has become an essential part of Usher’s performances that add an extra article of accessories.

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