Who is the second woman to self-eliminate from ‘The Bachelor’ season 28 after Lauren Hollinger?

Who is the second woman to self-eliminate from ‘The Bachelor’ season 28 after Lauren Hollinger?

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for season 28 of The Bachelor. Scroll at your own risk…

Season 28 of The Bachelor has been jam-packed with juicy drama, beginning on night one with Lauren Hollinger — a woman who sure made a statement during her brief stint on the beloved competition series — but it does not end there.

Vying for the heart of the handsome Joey Graziadei alongside her sister, Allison Hollinger, Lauren stepped out of the limo and onto the porch of the Bachelor Mansion, instantaneously challenging Joey to a shotgun race. Beating The Bachelor himself by a long shot — with Joey letting out a large belch immediately after — the pair’s connection got worse and worse as the show progressed, with the 28-year-old ultimately making the decision to leave the show in episode 2.

Struggling with grief during the group date — where she was required to dress up as a bride — Lauren’s mind was consumed with thoughts of her father, who passed away just a few months prior to filming The Bachelor. The Pennsylvania native was seen struggling with the idea that her father would not be in attendance at her wedding, causing Lauren to not feel like her best self, ultimately causing her to quit the beloved competition series during the cocktail party that same day.

While there could have been a missed connection between Joey and Lauren due to her untimely exit, it looks like season 28 of The Bachelor will feature another self-elimination, with Reality Steve spoiling exactly who this woman is.

Lexi Young will self-eliminate from The Bachelor season 28

Image via ABC

Ladies, gentlemen, and fans of The Bachelor franchise, we did not see this one coming…

Despite having a one-on-one date with Joey Graziadei in episode 4 that was nothing short of spectacular — opening up about her battle with endometriosis and growing her connection with Joey deeper and deeper — it looks like digital strategist Lexi is not the perfect match (no pun intended) for tennis professional Joey after all, making the decision to self-eliminate from the beloved competition series sometime before the sixth rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve, “Apparently their timelines of marriage and kids didn’t align, so she left. I’m not sure exactly whose timeline is what. All I heard was this had to do with their timelines not meshing,” ultimately quitting the show prior to the rose ceremony in Montreal, Canada.

Given that the Bachelor Nation encyclopedia mentioned kids, could her self-elimination have to do with her battle with endometriosis? We will just have to wait and see…

While Lexi might not be “the one” for Joey, to find out which one of the other 14 women manages to steal his heart in the end — ultimately securing the final rose of season 28, as well as a Neil Lane sparkler — catch brand new episodes of The Bachelor every Monday on ABC, or stream them the next day on Hulu. According to Reality Steve, it is certain to be a 10 out of 10!

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