Where is Dan Schneider now?

Where is Dan Schneider now?

At one point in time, producer Dan Schneider was one of the most popular figures in television history — specifically within the massive Nickelodeon bubble, with Schneider being creatively responsible for hit series such as iCarly, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and The Amanda Show. Now, Schneider has found himself tangled up in a vicious web of controversies, and has since been exiled from Nickelodeon operations. Despite his career irrelevance at this point, folks are still curious about what the former actor/producer is now up to.

Schneider and Nickelodeon initially parted ways back in 2018 following the heap of controversy, after an extensive investigation was kickstarted and examined Schneider’s abuse towards colleagues and younger Nickelodeon talent. While Schneider did deny the misconduct allegations brought against him, Nickelodeon still decided to depart business operations with the producer.

Even years later, Nickelodeon fanatics and folks who heavily followed the investigation and happenings continue to wonder what projects and other ventures the former Nickelodeon producer is involved with now.

So, where is Schneider now?

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Ever since his departure with Nickelodeon, Schneider has kept a relatively low profile, although he does stay active occasionally on Instagram — with his last post paying tribute to the late Matthew Perry. Since the investigation, the TV producer/actor has also remained married to his wife Lisa, whom he married back in 2002.

Despite the low profile, however, interest in Schneider and the allegations against him have yet to fully die down. As a result, an upcoming docuseries from Investigation Discovery is set to “explore the toxic environment” that occurred behind the scenes during Schneider’s tenure with Nickelodeon — so it’s fair to say interest will remain at an all-time high.

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