The complete cast of ‘Love on the Spectrum Australia’

The complete cast of ‘Love on the Spectrum Australia’

For two seasons, local and international fans have been fawning over the romantic trials and tribulations of Love on the Spectrum Australia. The reality television series, which aired its first season on Australia’s ABC network in 2019, follows people on the autism spectrum as they explore the dating world, naturally birthing some of the most heartwarming moments ever caught on camera. 

The popularity of Australia’s Love on the Spectrum spawned an American version with the same format, which premiered its most recent second season in January 2024. As we eagerly await new installments of each iteration, we’re looking back on the complete cast of Love on the Spectrum Australia in seasons one and two. 

Jodi Rodgers

Serving as the dating coach for both seasons of Love on the Spectrum Australia, Jodi Rodgers is an Australian sexologist and special education teacher. Throughout the course of the seasons, Rodgers appears frequently to help the show’s cast navigate the complex world of dating, often offering sage wisdom and putting anxious minds at ease. 

Michael Theo

Arguably the show’s breakout star, Michael Theo appeared in the very first episode of Love on the Spectrum Australia and has remained a fan favorite ever since. Theo, who has Asperger’s syndrome, became known for his sheer charisma, endearing sense of humor, and adorable relationship with Heather. 

Kelvin Wong

While he might’ve only appeared in season one, Kelvin Wong’s presence was strong enough to garner the adoration of fans. Kelvin’s first-ever date with Jessica, in which the pair discuss manga and he teaches her how to use chopsticks, was the stuff of romcom magic, but equally engrossing is the news that Kelvin is currently working with Rodgers on a graphic novel.   

Chloe Hatch

In perhaps one of the show’s cutest pairings, Chloe Hatch became quickly besotted with Mark in season one of Love on the Spectrum Australia. The fiery 22-year-old, who is partially deaf, introduced us to her best friend Brodie, her passion for cosplay designs, and unforgettable bout of pre-date jitters. 


Appearing for just one season, Maddi is remembered for her unashamed desire to be picky with who she dates (something this writer could learn from) and her affinity for tall men with green eyes. She went on a few dates throughout the season, though never found her perfect match. 

​​Olivia Sharpe

Olivia Sharpe’s one-season stint on Love on the Spectrum Australia was marked by her status as a hopeless romantic, her admission that she’s had a “bazillion” unrequited loves, and her offscreen passion for theater acting. Our hearts were collectively shattered when it was revealed that despite a promising date, Olivia did not find love with Jackson. 

Mark Radburn

One of the few castmates to appear on both seasons, Mark Radburn sustained his arch with his effortless charm, his superfandom of Jurassic Park, and his platonic friendship with Ryan. And who could forget the bowling episode, when a very coquettish Mark gets tongue-tied while conversing with a girl?


Teddy bears, jigsaw puzzles, and a round of speed dating that could inspire any number of new Nancy Meyers movies are the hallmarks of season one star Andrew. The older castmate often lamented that he was running out of time to find love, so we hope he’s currently in a whirlwind romance (the Nancy Meyers kind).  

Ruth and Thomas

Introduced as an already established couple in season one, Ruth and Thomas captured hearts with their clear devotion to each other and shared love of Harry Potter. The couple challenged the idea that people on the spectrum couldn’t find meaningful relationships, and offered an end-goal vision for other castmates just beginning their dating journeys. 

Jimmy and Sharnae

Jimmy and Sharnae have appeared as a longterm couple in both seasons of Love on the Spectrum Australia. The pair first met in high school, and spent much of their stint on the show in clear adoration of each other, travelling to Las Vegas together and eventually tying the knot in season two. 

Ronan Soussa

One of multiple new castmates introduced in season two, Ronan Soussa quickly made waves with his adorable picnic and race car dates with Katie. By all accounts, the pair are still together, which reaffirms the possibility that perhaps true love is real. 

Kassandra Nieass

Season two newcomer Kassandra Nieass won audiences over with her fearlessness and passion for cosplay. In one episode, Kassandra came out as bisexual/pansexual, spawning a heartwarming moment in which her date also reveals he is LGTBQI+. 

Teo Tish

Moving from Texas to Australia at a young age, Teo Tish immediately established her presence with the cat-themed pirate flag that flew proudly out the front of her house. Teo was beloved for her passion for Tina Fey, and her premature worries about an as-yet nonexistent wedding day.  

Jayden Evans

Making his debut in season two, Jayden Evans arguably holds the title for the most engaging dates of the entire series. His date with Charlotte might’ve ended in the friendzone (a canon event), but a second chance at love with Dan got us all in our feels. There was a clear chemistry between the pair, to the point where the show simply must bring them back for season three. 

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