SEAN HANNITY: They are finally ‘waking up’ to Biden’s age problem

SEAN HANNITY: They are finally ‘waking up’ to Biden’s age problem

Fox News host Sean Hannity discussed how nearly 9 in 10 Americans surveyed say they feel President Joe Biden is “too old” to serve a second term as president. He asked on Monday night, “when was the last time 86% of Americans agreed on anything?”


SEAN HANNITY: After Joe Biden’s latest string of bizarre gaffes highlighting problems with his age and memory. While Democrats and the Left, they are waking up to what we have been telling you on this program for years now. And that is the White House has a massive problem with Joe Biden. It’s an age problem, and it’s bad. And it’s now obvious that Joe Biden is not fit to serve as your president. 

Last night while exiting Marine One, well, here we go again. Biden appeared to hit his head. This comes as a new ABC poll shows that a staggering, look at this, nearly 9 in 10 Americans, 86% of you, the American people, think, rightly so in my view, that Biden is too old to serve another term in the White House. That’d be five more years. With the country so divided, when was the last time 86% of Americans agreed on anything? Most people can’t agree on the time of day.

And the issue of his age and cognitive decline are not going to get better. The cognitive decline is degenerative. It gets worse, not better. And anyway, Biden hasn’t had a clean, blunder-free public event that we can think of in months now. And at this point, even a complete makeover will likely not help him overcome the damning special counsel report. And he’s not getting any younger. They can’t escape what’s happening. But don’t worry, our giggling vice president told the Wall Street Journal she is ready to serve, and she sounded pretty eager to take over, if you ask me. The only problem is somehow, magically, she’s less popular than Joe. 

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