Rise Of The Rōnin cancelled in South Korea following game director’s controversial comments

Rise Of The Rōnin cancelled in South Korea following game director’s controversial comments

Rise Of The Rōnin is skipping Korea (Picture: Sony/Team Ninja)

Sony has cancelled the launch of Rise Of The Rōnin in South Korea, but there’s no official confirmation why.

Developer Team Ninja is set to launch Rise Of The Rōnin next month on PlayStation 5, but it seems its release won’t be entirely worldwide.

The action role-playing title is set in Japan in the late 19th century, during the Boshin war, a conflict between the ruling military government known as the Tokugawa Shogunate and anti-shogunate factions who took issue with the growing Western influence in Japan.

As reported by Korean community site Ruliweb, Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea has confirmed Rise Of The Rōnin will not be released in the country, either physically or digitally.

This comes after reports which found the game had been pulled from Korea’s PlayStation Store, while trailers were also removed from the PlayStation YouTube channel in the country.

While no explicit reason is given for the cancellation, it’s believed to be connected to comments made by game director Fumuhiko Yasuda – along with the game’s subject matter revolving around a controversial historical figure.

In a behind the scenes video about the game on the PlayStation YouTube channel, Yasuda explains how he wanted to include the ‘teachings’ of 19th century scholar named Shōin Yoshida in Rise Of The Rōnin.

‘Although it was a different world in a different time, I believe he could be compared to Socrates,’ Yasuda said about Yoshida. ‘I wanted to depict his teachings and his life from the moment I started working on Rise Of The Rōnin. He wasn’t just a philosopher. He insisted on the importance of taking action.’

Yoshida taught many of the activists who contributed to the Meiji Restoration, which restored imperial rule to Japan in 1868. He’s also considered a key figure behind Seikanron, a proposal to conquer Korea, which was later discussed in 1873 within the Meiji government.

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While the invasion was decided against at the time, Japan later occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945. Due to Yoshida’s influence on this policy, many in Korea have criticised his inclusion in Rise Of The Rōnin.

While Sony hasn’t explicitly said this was the cause for the cancellation, it is the only likely reason why it would be pulled from Korea.

Rise Of The Rōnin was recently showcased during Sony’s State Of Play, which showcased the various traversal mechanics such as a glider and a grappling hook.

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