‘Outer Range’ season 2 release window, cast, and more

‘Outer Range’ season 2 release window, cast, and more

Prime Video has already hinted at an anticipated release window for Season 2 of Outer Range! The streaming service revealed in a 2024 content preview video that the upcoming season will hit screens sometime within the year. Remarkably, this is the first significant update on the production in nearly a year. However, since filming commenced in early 2023, viewers can effectively rule out an early 2024 premiere. There are also no trailers released as of yet.

Who’s returning to the show?

Josh Brolin is sure to reprise his role as Royal Abbott for Outer Range season 2. He’s also an executive producer for the show alongside creator and writer Brian Watkins. Tom Pelphrey will also continue portraying Abbott’s son, Perry Abbott, while Lili Taylor takes on the role of Abbott’s wife, Cecelia. Joining them as part of the supporting cast are Noah Reid as Billy Tillerson, Imogen Poots as the mysterious drifter Autumn Rivers, Lewis Pullman as Rhett Abbott, Sean Sipos as Luke Tillerson and Tamara Podemski as Deputy Sheriff Joy Hawk.

Prime Video has also announced the expansion of the cast for Season 2 of Outer Range. Notable additions include Christian James (All American), Megan West (How To Get Away With Murder), Daniel Abeles (Women of the Movement), Kimberly Guerrero (The English), and Monette Moio (The Real Bros Of Simi Valley). Details about their character portrayals are unknown at the moment.

Outer Range season 2’s plot synopsis 

Reception to the first season was largely positive, accumulating a 79% Rotten Tomatoes score. In the upcoming season of Outer Range, viewers can expect a gripping continuation of a season that ended with more questions than answers. Despite its concise eight episodes, the season left many mysteries unsolved. Nonetheless, viewers are hoping for much more supernatural elements, which greatly tied the story neatly together.

Specifically, the mystery of Perry’s missing wife, Rebecca, should come to light. Another significant development from season 1 was the revelation of Autumn’s true identity as the missing Amy Abbott. Moreover, as if things weren’t tense enough already, Royal ends up disclosing his secret to Perry: he is a time traveler, who fell into the void centuries ago. 

Altogether, Outer Range season 2 is likely to go in-depth about the nature of the Abbott farm’s time-traveling void: how it works and how it affects the dynamics between the characters. This undoubtedly promises to be a thrilling exploration of time, family, and the unknown.

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