Man so devastated by loss of Britain’s wonkiest pub he rebuilt it with Lego

Man so devastated by loss of Britain’s wonkiest pub he rebuilt it with Lego

Chris Weaver used 8,000 bricks in his painstaking recreation (Picture: Emma Trimble/SWNS)

Black Country locals were stunned when the landmark Crooked House was destroyed in a fire last year before being unceremoniously demolished – without permission from the council.

For almost 200 years, the pub fondly known as Britain’s wonkiest had served pints over a bar where marbles seemed to roll uphill.

Its tragic demise led to calls for the building to be reconstructed brick by brick… and one dad in Dudley, West Midlands, has spent 80 hours doing just that.

To an extent.

Chris Weaver visited the Crooked House when he was a child, and was heartbroken when it went up in flames just days after being sold to a new owner last August.

The 39-year-old also happens to have a passion for Lego and a talent for recreating real sites through the medium of the bricks.

He started work on his pub model soon after the fire disaster, with an aim of completing it to mark six months since it took place.

Of course, the rigidly horizontal nature of Lego bricks doesn’t exactly lend itself to a replica of a famously slanted building.

‘It was a real challenge to capture the slanted look because Lego is obviously all flat surfaces,’ said Chris.

The original building’s slant was caused by subsidence in the 1800s (Credits: SWNS)

Chris even took the time to replicate the rooms inside the pub (Picture: Emma Trimble/SWNS)

‘I had to sort of build a swimming pool on the base for it to sit inside and make one side higher than the other.

‘I would usually work from about 9-10pm onwards once the kids were asleep and sometimes I’d still be working at 3am. It became a labour of love.’

The dad-of-two, who previously recreated Wolverhampton Wanderers’ home ground Molineux Stadium over lockdown, has spent around £800 buying pieces from around the country – and even ordering some in from Germany.

He said: ‘I don’t draw up any plans, I just build away and see what happens. I just used photos people had posted on social media and on websites.

‘It is a 95 per cent likeness of the real thing. I just had to move a couple of things about like the grandfather clock so you can see it.’

It took a fair amount of lateral thinking to recreate the wonkiness with Lego (Picture: Emma Trimble/SWNS)

A Lego man holds a sign similar to one planted in the rubble of the building (Picture: Emma Trimble/SWNS)

Chris’s 1.5ft x 1.5ft model captures both the interior and exterior of the Crooked House, with details including the Banks’s Ales signs on the front and the beloved grandfather clock inside.

A Lego figure outside holds a sign reading ‘Was bostin, now bosted’ – a very Black Country phrase, meaning ‘Was fantastic, now busted’.

Hundreds of people returned to the site of the pub last week to pay their respects six months on from the blaze.

Police have arrested five men and one woman in connection with the incident, all of whom remain on bail.

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