If King Charles dies, what happens to Camilla?

If King Charles dies, what happens to Camilla?

Both the world and the entire British monarchy were shaken up when it was revealed on Feb. 5. that King Charles III has cancer. And while the majority of the nation and civilians of other nations are undoubtedly concerned about the overall health and well-being of the King, it’s worth noting that a plethora of concern and support has been shifted towards another individual — Queen Camilla.

Camilla, of course, is the current wife of King Charles III, with the couple getting married back in 2005. Before that, however, the duo had been notably involved romantically in the past, with two separate affairs taking place throughout their relationship together. But with Charles becoming King of the United Kingdom and its commonwealth nations after the passing of his mother, Camilla thus became queen consort after Charles’ accession.

Now that the cancer diagnosis of King Charles III has become public knowledge, a variety of questions are being asked by civilians — specifically in regard to Camilla’s future role in the Royal Family after Charles’ death.

If King Charles dies, what happens to Camilla?

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After the King’s health diagnosis was revealed to all, Buckingham Palace issued a necessary statement to the public, providing ease to the nation and assuring that the King would be seeking treatment. In that same statement, it was revealed that Camilla would continue to perform her public duties as queen consort. That being said, questions remain as to where Camilla will be after her husband’s passing. 

So in the event of the King passing before Camilla, her official title will be switched from queen consort to queen dowager — which quite literally is defined as “the widow of a king.” The passing of King Charles III would then immediately propel Prince William to the Royal throne, with William’s wife Catherine thus becoming queen consort.

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