All ‘Tracker’ CBS cast members, confirmed

All ‘Tracker’ CBS cast members, confirmed

Tracker, the new exhilarating CBS action-drama series is already off to a solid start. 

Premiering right after Super Bowl LIX, the pilot episode garnered great ratings, as well as a ton of buzz. Based on Jeffrey Deaver’s renowned book series, The Never Game, Tracker follows the adventures of Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist, as he employs his expert tracking skills to help individuals and law enforcement solve many mysteries. The series boasts several familiar faces, so here’s a rundown of the cast.  

Justin Hartley (Colter Shaw)

Starring in the lead role of Colter Shaw, Justin Hartley not only leads Tracker, but also executive produces the series. Hartley stars as a solitary survivalist who travels the nation as a “reward seeker.” Armed with unparalleled tracking skills, Shaw aids law enforcement and ordinary citizens in unraveling mysteries. While this role is his first as a sole lead star,  Hartley has made a lasting impression on television.  

Fiona Rene (Reenie Green)

Fiona Rene takes on the role of Reenie Green, portraying a legal expert pivotal to the storyline. Reenie is introduced in the pilot episode when Colter Shaw finds himself in a predicament requiring legal assistance from her. Before her role in Tracker, Rene showcased her talents in numerous projects, including: Fire Country, S.W.A.T., The Rookie, NCIS: Hawai’i, and The Lincoln Lawyer

Robin Weigert (Teddi Bruin)

Renowned Emmy nominee Robin Weigert plays Teddi Bruin in Tracker. Teddi is introduced in the pilot episode as one of Colter’s handlers, guiding him to Klamath Falls, Oregon, to investigate the disappearance of a 14-year-old believed to be taken by his birth father with a criminal background. With an impressive acting portfolio, Weigert is best known for her long-running roles in the American Horror Story franchise.

Eric Graise (Bobby Exley)

Image via CBS

Bobby Exley stars as Eric Graise in Tracker. In the pilot, Bobby is introduced as a tech genius who guides Colter Shaw with a lead to a local burger joint. Much like his character, Graise is a double amputee. Graise’s versatile acting career includes roles in TV shows such as Locke & Key, Queer as Folk, Dynasty, and The Walking Dead.  

Abby McEnany (Velma Bruin)

Abby McEnany takes on the role of Velma Bruin, and plays a key part as one of Colter’s adult handlers. Velma works alongside Teddi to assign missions to Colter. Relatively new to the scene, McEnany is a talented comedian and actress, with roles in Work in Progress, And Just Like That…, and Roomies.

Wendy Crewson (Mary Dove Shaw) 

Wendy Crewson takes on the character of Mary Dove Shaw. She stars as Colter’s mother, and her role significantly influences Colter’s challenging adolescence. Wendy Crewson is known for her notable performances in The Santa Clause franchise, Air Force One, When Hope Calls, and 24

Other cast members include:

• Oscar Chark as Craig Riley

• Nicole Anthony as Ms. Hicks

• Lee Tergesen as Ashton Shaw

• Jeremy Jones as Jack Horvath

• Matthew Nelson-Mahood as Russell Shaw

• Anja Savcic as Kira Stine

• Link Baker as Mark Riley

• Bradley Stryker as Tom Tozer

• Gia Sandhu as Beth

Tracker premiered on Feb. 11, and the next three episodes will air on Feb. 18th, 25th, and March 3rd respectively. 

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