Who are Austin McBroom’s parents?

Who are Austin McBroom’s parents?

Austin McBroom has been in the public eye for quite some time, sharing his life with Catherine Paiz and their three children for millions of people on the Internet to keep up with. Even those who don’t regularly follow the ACE Family – who have now broken up – may have an idea of some of the controversies that have surrounded Austin and his family over the years.

Austin has a younger brother named Landon who is also an internet influencer and has traveled a path that is similar to his brother’s – perhaps because he was inspired to acquire some of his older sibling’s fame through similar means. With the two brothers being so public about their lives, we have over the years gotten glimpses at both their parents, Michole and Allen, and what they may be like. But in case you’re curious, here’s what we know about the McBroom parents.

Michole and Allen McBroom

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Michole and Allen have been divorced for a while now, Allen having since remarried Erica McBroom. Allen works at a camp for children with mental disabilities and Michole owns a clothing line.

Allen has appeared multiple times in the ACE family videos, and Michole a few times herself. Although, like their sons, both parents have been accused of doing things that are not palatable.

A couple of years ago, Allen was accused of sexual assault along with his son Austin. The allegations were best covered by Makeup artist Cole Carrigan. He was a friend of one of the victims, and even featured a phone call with her in the video letting her share her version of events. The original video has since been taken down, allegedly for legal reasons, but it has been reuploaded to YouTube.

As for Michole, Shyla Walker, Landon’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, she had things to say about her ex-mother-in-law, including that she was looking at her bank account balance without permission.

It appears that drama just naturally follows the family wherever they go. But now that the ACE family is no more, it remains to be seen whether the pattern will eventually calm down. For now, with both Landon and Austin’s constant presence online, it doesn’t seem like it will anytime soon.

In case you’re not done going into the rabbit hole, you can read more on the reasons why the Internet dislikes Austin McBroom.

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