Where is the murderer Amber Wright now? Answered

Where is the murderer Amber Wright now? Answered

Amongst popular true crime cases, Amber Wright’s brutal murder of her boyfriend has gained enough attention to even be featured on television. But is the infamous murderer still behind bars even today?

Amber Wright murdered her ex-boyfriend in 2011, with the aid of friends and family members. The case was a big enough deal to get it featured on Killer Women with Piers Morgan. Wright remains behind bars, as do most of her accomplices and fellow murderers.

Where is Amber Wright now?

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According to reporting by The Gainesville Sun, not much has changed with Wright since her sentence adjustment in 2016. In 2012, Amber Wright was found guilty of first-degree murder, and transferred to Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County, Florida. After a retrial in 2016, her sentencing was adjusted to life in prison, with a chance of reevaluation after 25 years.

As of 2024, Amber Wright is still serving her prison sentence in Florida. She was originally sentenced to life without parole, meaning she will likely never leave prison.

There’s a small chance this changes, as her case is up for review in 2041 due to the changes in 2016, but it would be rare for someone to be released for a crime of this nature.

What did Amber Wright do?

In 2011, 15-year-old Amber Wright got together with her stepbrother, boyfriend, and others she knew to kill her ex-boyfriend. They convinced her ex-partner Seath Jackson, who was also 15 at the time of his death, to come to a house. When Jackson arrived, he was beaten and shot to death by the group that Wright brought together. They disposed of his body at a rock quarry, separated it into parts, and placed it in paint buckets.

All of the murderers and accomplices in the slaying of Jackson received criminal punishment. Amber Wright, Charlie Ely, Justin Soto, and Kyle Hooper were found guilty, and sentenced to life imprisonment, but Ely was released in 2020 after pleading to a lesser sentence with time served. Michael Bargo, Wright’s boyfriend at the time, is on death row for the murder.

Wright’s stepfather, James Young Havens III, pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the crime. Wright claims to feel remorse for her crimes, but there’s little chance that this will be enough alone to warrant an early release in 2041. She didn’t get away with the crime and will be in prison indefinitely.

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