What dates will occur during episode 5 of ‘The Bachelor?’ The group and one-on-one dates, revealed

What dates will occur during episode 5 of ‘The Bachelor?’ The group and one-on-one dates, revealed

Fans of The Bachelor franchise, buckle your seatbelts! The beloved competition series is blessing viewers with back-to-back episodes this week, with Joey Graziadei hitting Malta with his final 15 on February 12, then hitting Spain with his final 12 on February 13.

Given that episode 4 will feature a one-on-one date with Lexi Young, a two-on-one date with Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon, and a group date that requires the 12 remaining women to catch sausages in their mouths (yep, you read that right), fans of The Bachelor franchise have just one burning question: What exactly will episode 5 entail?

Fortunately, we got you covered. Based on information spoiled by Reality Steve, as well as information spoiled in the trailer, keep scrolling to see who is on the group and one-on-one dates in episode 5 of The Bachelor season 28.

One-on-one date: Kelsey Anderson

Photo via ABC

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei have had an undeniable connection thus far, with the Pennsylvania native constantly complimenting her one-of-a-kind sense of humor, personality, and beauty, despite having hardly any one-on-one time together.

According to Reality Steve, “Joey drove up on his moped and eventually left with Kelsey Anderson for their one-on-one date,” picking her up with all of the other women watching. “He took her to buy food at the local stores and they had a picnic,” the Bachelor Nation know-it-all continued, and we seriously could not imagine a more perfect date. You know what they say — less is more!

One-on-one date: Rachel Nance

Photo via ABC

Another woman who has been forming a strong connection with Joey Graziadei despite having hardly any one-on-one time together is the one and only Rachel Nance, finally getting her time to shine in episode 5 of the beloved competition series.

Unfortunately, Reality Steve did not have many details about her date, revealing that it is “some sort of dancing date, then at night got a fireworks show.” Given that she got to watch fireworks light up the sky alongside The Bachelor himself — seemingly during the evening portion of their date — it is assumed that Rachel receives a rose. How sweet is that?

Group date: The 10 remaining women

Screengrab via ABC

The 10 women who did not receive a one-on-one date — Daisy Kent, Jenn Tran, Jess Edwards, Katelyn DeBacker, Kelsey Toussant, Lea Cayanan, Lexi Young, Madina Alam, Maria Georgas, and Autumn Waggoner — embarked on a group date, where “they had to write a poem and paint it, then Joey had to try and guess what it was.” Based on the trailer, which featured Joey and Jess rolling around in the paint, sharing a smooch, it looks like these ladies will get down and dirty!

Given that only 10 women will remain after episode 5 of the beloved competition series, which two Joey Graziadei hopefuls will ultimately get the boot, catching a flight back to the United States after the rose ceremony? To find out for yourself — as well as who ultimately steals the heart of The Bachelor himself — tune into ABC on Mondays for brand new episodes of The Bachelor, or stream them the following day via Hulu.

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