The British ‘Tinder Swindler’ jailed for conning 15 women out of £300,000

The British ‘Tinder Swindler’ jailed for conning 15 women out of £300,000

Cieran Griffin swindled multiple women – including his own nan – out of loads of cash (Picture: Unknown)

A ‘businessman’ has been jailed after conning 15 different women into giving him huge financial loans.

Myles McNamara, 37, tricked various women into believing his online persona of a successful businessman who splurged on holidays – but the British con artist had carefully constructed his fake persona to swindle cash from unsuspecting women.

But Myles wasn’t his real name – Cieran Griffin, also known by the names Cieran McNamara and Myles McNamara – led a campaign of fraud against multiple women.

Social media portrayed Griffin as a ‘barrister, property developer’ and successful businessman, but in reality, he was unemployed, broke, and had no fixed address.

Even after being jailed for his fraud, he tried to continue scamming – one victim, a 43-year-old woman, said he wined and dined her before he was sent to prison and then sent a note from jail saying ‘I have missed you.’

Griffin was only arrested last September when his previous girlfriend went to the police – and now three of the women he conned have restraining orders against him.

He put on a display of luxury for his victims (Picture: Cheshire Constabulary)

His grandmother Kathleen O’Sullivan was also scammed (Picture: Family)

He was subsequently charged with four counts of fraud by false representation, and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

One victim was swindled out of a whopping £250,530.81 – just one of the women Griffin left penniless.

One of his victims told the Mail: ‘I don’t want to relive this. His face is everywhere now, so he won’t be able to hide.’

Another victim, ‘Danielle’, was told by Griffin that he worked for the Crown Prosecution Service – something which she said he made ‘believable’.

She added: ‘He’d go to different places around London, where he claimed to live, taking photographs and dropping pins on Google Maps to fit the narrative of what he said he was doing.

‘He sent me a picture of himself outside the CPS building. I had no reason to doubt him at that stage.’

He’s previously spent time in prison for fraud

But Griffin began asking for money while he dated Danielle, and the mum went without eating for ten days to help Griffin.

She said: ‘I made sure my children were fed, so I went without. We didn’t have enough to buy toilet paper. I couldn’t pay my bills.’

Griffin’s uncle, Anthony Ostroswki, sais this week that the family ‘hates’ him for what he did – and the brazen thief even took £70,000 from his grandmother.

Anthony said: ‘He fleeced my mum four or five times for significant amounts and lots of little amounts over time.

‘He would pinch her bank card and she’d never know it was gone. He used to memorise the numbers.

‘He was stealing from her to buy things and see places. He’d use it to buy flights. He liked all the gear and bought Burberry coats and things like that. He always liked to look smart.’

He also sent a letter to one of his victims from prison, saying he ‘missed’ her

The 37-year-old will spend seven years in prison

Griffin was first caught stealing when he was an altar boy in Binley, Coventry, when he helped himself to the collection box.

His family took him to the police station, where he was put in a cell to ‘teach him a lesson’ – but despite crying, no lesson was learned.

Years later, his grandmother Kathleen took him to court and he was sentenced to 18 months.

After leaving prison, he ran up a bill of £7,000 and put the address as his mum’s home.

The same year his mum, Christine, discovered she had been used, she died of a heart attack.

Aunt Yadzia Daynes, 71, said: ‘Christine had her hardships but always stayed by her son. She was such a gentle soul. Cieran definitely caused her distress. He’s always been trouble.’

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In 2014, the ‘British’ Tinder Swindler was sentenced to 15 months for defrauding a woman on a dating website.

And in 2017, he was given two years and five months for conning another girlfriend out of nearly £4,000.

Now Griffin is facing a lengthy sentence at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool – a place where his victim ‘Danielle’ says he belongs.

Detective Constable Victoria Hazlewood, who led the investigation, said: ‘McNamara is a serial fraudster, and I truly believe that he cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

‘McNamara identified ways he could control and manipulate his victims and throughout the investigation, he has shown no remorse for his actions. He truly believed that he would never be caught by police and that he would never be held accountable for his despicable behaviour.’

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