Retiree wins $1.6 million while at lunch for wife’s birthday

Retiree wins $1.6 million while at lunch for wife’s birthday

A Gold Coast retiree has won $1.6 million in a Keno draw while out for lunch celebrating his wife’s birthday.

The Southport man was at Lions in Springwood for a lunch celebration with his wife, brothers-in-law and their partners when he won $29 on a Keno ticket.

His brother-in-law suggested he should play again after he won the cash.

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”I ran my same special numbers that I’ve been playing for years – it consists of family birth dates, which makes this win extra special,” the retiree said.

“I didn’t even know that I had won the $1.6 million prize until I walked up to the team member and handed them the ticket…That’s when things started to escalate.

“The team member told me to sit down because I started to look pale.”

He said it would be hard to top his wife’s birthday next year.

Lions @ Springwood manager Murray Jamieson said the winner had some tears so they had to tell him to sit down.

 “It was a really heartfelt moment.”

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