Noah Kahan’s ethnicity, confirmed

Noah Kahan’s ethnicity, confirmed

Singer-songwriter Noah Kahan went viral last year for his song “Stick Season.”

He has since released an album by the same name and multiple renditions of songs on the album featuring beloved artists like Brandi Carlisle, Post Malone, and Gracie Abrams. He also received a Best New Artist nomination at the Grammys.

Where is Noah Kahan from?

Noah Kahan’s album Stick Season discusses a lot about his mental health and a battle between needing to get out of his hometown or staying there forever. The titular song describes a season in the American Northeast between Fall and Winter, when all of the leaves have fallen off of the trees but it hasn’t yet snowed, making the trees look like sticks in the air.

A lot of his music relates heavily to growing up in New England. According to an article about him in Boston Magazine, Kahan was raised in rural Vermont and New Hampshire, specifically Strafford and Hanover, respectively. His upbringing in those towns is a major focal point for his music, and the Northeast served as the backdrop for much of his writing process.

What is his ethnicity?

Kahan sings often about his parents, their divorce, and his upbringing, and he even took his mother with him to the Grammys to celebrate his nomination. According to Ethnic Celebs, she is of Irish, Welsh, German, and English descent. His father’s family background is reportedly Ashkenazi Jewish.

The Thaiger reports that the now divorced Lauri Berkencamp and Josh Kahan share three children including Noah, his sister Sasha, and his brothers Simon and Richard. The song “Growing Sideways” recounts a lot of what it was like for them to grow up together and the lasting impact of their parents’ divorce.

What is Noah Kahan doing now?

Kahan released a new song and two new collaborations including “Forever,” “Paul Revere” with Gregory Alan, and “You’re Gonna Go Far” with Brandi Carlile on February 9 in what he says is the last drop for his album Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever).

Boston Magazine reports that the 27-year-old now lives in Watertown, Massachusetts where he moved in 2022 with his German Shepard, Penny, and his girlfriend.

Even though he didn’t win the Grammy for Best New Artist, Noah Kahan still has a big, chart-topping year. Fans can’t get enough of every new rendition that he releases of each of his songs, and they can’t wait to see what he does next.

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