‘My Way’ by Usher release date, confirmed

‘My Way’ by Usher release date, confirmed

While most of the focus during last night’s Super Bowl mainly centered around the rough-and-tough battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, there’s simply no denying that all eyes were on Usher during the major event as he delivered a star-studded halftime show. And while the football was briefly paused halfway, the R&B performer took the time to grace us all with a brilliant setlist of his greatest tunes.

Of course, the majority of these anthems were famed songs that folks were championing for the Grammy Award-winner to sing. With that said, one track in particular that was favorably played last night is now being heavily searched today — and that’s Usher’s “My Way” single from one of the most successful albums of his illustrious career.

So with the particular track powering through the search engines today and likely being added to the playlists of the music-loving masses, let’s explore when exactly the tune was released.

When did “My Way” originally release?

Before he took to the Super Bowl stage and captured our undivided attention, Usher built a tremendous reputation for himself as a credible artist in the music industry — releasing 9 studio albums in the process. His second studio album, My Way, which was released back in 1997, was certified seven times platinum and crafted the lead single of the same name, “My Way.” 

The ever-popular anthem additionally features vocals from rapper/singer Jermaine Dupri, and was performed by Usher for a few seconds during the Super Bowl last night. That said, Dupri did make a special appearance during Usher’s performance, along with musical guests such as Lil John and Ludacris showing up.

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