Is Deadpool going to die in ‘Deadpool 3?’

Is Deadpool going to die in ‘Deadpool 3?’

The Deadpool & Wolverine teaser trailer was just the bolt of energy the MCU needed to send hype for what’s coming our way in 2024 into the stratosphere. In what was easily one of the finest constructed trailers of Marvel’s Multiverse Saga, the Deadpool 3 first-look gave just enough away to thrill and intrigue us, as well as keeping enough back to ensure we have so many questions and can’t wait for the next trailer.

As much as the trailer left X-Men lovers on a serious high — this is the first time Ryan Reynolds has returned as DP in six years, if you can believe it — there is a curious somberness to certain parts of the trailer. Wade Wilson is surprisingly heartfelt at the beginning of the promo, in which he admits that he’s had “a challenging few years” and the film’s tagline is “Everyone deserves a happy ending.” All this has got us wondering, then, is Deadpool’s first MCU appearance also set to be his last?

Will Deadpool survive the events of Deadpool & Wolverine?

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Of course, on top of the evidence given above, the trailer also ends with Wolverine very likely about to slash Deadpool up into chunks. However, given Wade’s healing factor, and all those set pics we’ve glimpsed, this is no doubt teasing an epic battle between ‘Pool and Logan rather than Deadpool’s murder. Given all the effort that’s gone into bringing Ryan Reynolds’ anti-hero into the MCU, it would be surprising if he was killed off so quickly. So, no, we’re pretty sure Deadpool won’t die in Deadpool & Wolverine.

The emotional throughline of the trailer seems to confirm that the third film will replicate the formula of the first two, which underpinned all the wacky meta humor with a poignant character arc for Wade, like his illness and disfigurement in the first movie and then the loss of Vanessa in the second. It shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a hint that he’s going to die. However, he does go and call himself “Marvel Jesus,” someone who famously sacrificed himself… but then he did also come back to life, which is something Wade also has a habit of doing. Basically, if DP does die, then he’s bound to get resurrected by the end credits.

Given the huge Avengers: Secret Wars crossovers that we’re expecting this one to include, which this very trailer subtly alludes to, it feels almost a given that Reynolds will return as Deadpool in the 2027 team-up event and conclusion to the Multiverse Saga. If anything, Deadpool & Wolverine will mark a new happy ending for Wolverine and Fox’s X-Men universe rather than the Merc with the Mouth. This “little cinematic universe” just got even more interesting

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