‘Fixed it’: Hugh Jackman wastes no time slashing Ryan Reynolds’ incorrect ‘Deadpool 3’ title

‘Fixed it’: Hugh Jackman wastes no time slashing Ryan Reynolds’ incorrect ‘Deadpool 3’ title

Super Bowl LVIII meant different things to different people, bringing sports to some, split-second shots of Taylor Swift to others, and the trailer for Deadpool 3 to winners.

The first look at the long-awaited threequel didn’t disappoint. The reveals came hard and fast, with everyone from Pyro to the 20th Century Fox logo returning to the screen. At an even more basic level, fans were excited to learn the film’s official title: Deadpool and Wolverine. 

Simple as it is, it’s a name that lives up to the promise that Reynolds made all the way back in September of 2022: Deadpool is finally set to team up with his fellow indefatigable Canadian in the form of the indefatigable Australian, Hugh Jackman. The Academy Award nominee may not have shown his face proper in the premiere trailer for the MCU’s next big thing, but his presence was felt through teasing glimpses.

Then, in the moments following the trailer’s big debut, Jackman made his presence known via social media, reminding fans that, from the looks of things, his truce with Ryan Reynolds has been off for a while.

Fixed it. pic.twitter.com/4tt9VFw9vk

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) February 12, 2024

“Fixed it,” Jackman posted alongside a helpful alternative title for the film. If it helps, it’s not technically “not safe for work” once you take into account the fact that that word means something totally different in Australia. Don’t look it up.

Directed by Shawn Levy and starring an undetermined cavalcade of Marvel stars, Deadpool and Wolverine – or, if you’d prefer, that other name – is due out in theaters in July of 2024. Reynolds’ and Jackman’s friendship is not expected to recover.

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