Energy giant rolls out nine-day fortnight for workers

Energy giant rolls out nine-day fortnight for workers

Following a successful trial of a nine-day fortnight in Australia, energy giant Santos is testing the same program for its workers in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Santos HR manager Jacqueline Waka claimed Port Moresby employees had immediately responded well to the pilot scheme, which began in mid-January.

“We’re already seeing higher productivity and greater morale from a reenergised workforce,” Waka said, adding the program would help retain staff.

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Last year Santos trialled a nine-day fortnight for some Australian-based staff.

The company heralded it a success, and made the new arrangement permanent.

The scheme means certain Santos’ Australian office-based employees can take two Fridays off work every month.

In return, staff must compress their regular working hours into a nine-day fortnight and there is no impact to their salary or leave entitlements.

Santos employs nearly 200 full-time employees in its Port Moresby operation and is believed to have more than 4500 workers globally, not including contractors.

Founded in 1954, and headquartered in Adelaide, Santos is a major LNG supplier to the Australian domestic market and Asia.

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