Jen Psaki hammers media coverage of Biden special counsel report: ‘Banging your head against a wall’

Jen Psaki hammers media coverage of Biden special counsel report: ‘Banging your head against a wall’

MSNBC host Jen Psaki fumed over the media coverage of the Special Counsel report on President Biden’s handling of classified documents and said White House aides were banging their heads “against the wall,” over the coverage of it. 

NBC’s Kristen Welker asked Psaki about Biden’s decision to not sit down for an interview on Super Bowl Sunday. The MSNBC host argued that times have changed and brought up Special Counsel Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents. 

“If you’re sitting in the White House and on the campaign right now, you’re absolutely banging your head against the wall at the way that the Thursday report has been covered,” Psaki, Biden’s former press secretary, said during the media appearance. “Given all of the things that have happened this week. 

She pointed to Donald Trump and said, “the fact that Donald Trump yesterday suggested that Vladimir Putin should have free rein in attacking NATO allies.” 


“And what do we see when we wake up this morning? Wall-to-wall coverage of whether a guy who’s four years older than his opponent is too old to be president,” she continued. 

Panelist Brendan Buck, former adviser to Paul Ryan and John Boehner, said it was also the president’s job to attack his opponent, Trump.

“The president is not taking an opportunity on Super Bowl Sunday, and he’s not really taking any opportunities,” Buck said, before Psaki pushed back and argued Biden has traveled just as much as Barack Obama and Trump.

“You know as well as anyone he’s done fewer interviews, fewer press conferences than his predecessors,” he responded, noting that the public was being lead to believe there were two versions of Biden, one who is “sharp” behind closed doors, and one who makes verbal gaffes. 


Paski spent a segment during her own show on Sunday on the report as well. She said what Biden was found to have done was “sloppy,” and highlighted the “contrast” between the president and Donald Trump. 

“This pretty clear contrast hasn’t been the focus at all,” she said, adding that Hur threw a “big ol’ gift” to the Trump team in the report in a line about Biden’s memory. 

She conceded that Biden makes gaffes, but showed multiple instances in which Trump has as well. He recently confused GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

“Because Trump’s gaffing is not even close to what the biggest risks of electing him are, and if we continue to focus on questions like who is the bigger gaffe machine, or what is the mental acuity difference between a 77-year-old and an 81-year-old, then we are all doing something very wrong. That is not what this election is about,” she continued. 

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