All Colleen Hoover books, ranked

All Colleen Hoover books, ranked

Colleen Hoover is one of the internet’s favorite authors right now, and has blown up on BookTok!

Her books have dominated bookstores and social media feeds with readers reacting to her often-intense novels. She has nearly two dozen novels to her name and the film adaptation of her 2016 smash hit It Ends with Us is set to release in 2024, with Blake Lively starring as Lily. However, many of Hoover’s books have been criticized for their depictions of sensitive topics like domestic abuse and toxic relationships. But just as many readers have also praised Hoover for taking on these topics with a sympathetic lens.

Whether you’re a CoHo superfan or her books just aren’t to your taste, Hoover remains one of the most popular authors in the Young Adult romance genre today. That is why we went the extra mile and got together a comprehensive ranking of all her books from least to most adored by fans. 

Maybe Now (2018)

Losing Hope (2013)

Point of Retreat (2012)

This Girl (2013)

Slammed (2012)

Too Late (2016)

Confess (2015)

Maybe Someday (2014)

Hopeless (2012) 

Without Merit (2017)

Layla (2020)

Never, Never (2015)

All Your Perfects (2018)

November 9 (2015)

Heart Bones (2020)

Regretting You (2019)

It Starts with Us (2022)

Ugly Love (2014)

Verity (2018)

Reminders of Him (2022)

It Ends with Us (2016)

As promised, here’s a breakdown of the best Colleen Hoover books to get started with.

Heart Bones

Heart Bones follows Beyan Grim, a teenager who had a tough childhood dealing with poverty and a single parent. When her mother dies, she is left with no choice but to contact her estranged father and spend the summer with him. There, she meets Sampson, the son of her father’s wealthy neighbors. Though she is convinced that they have nothing in common due to the differences in their upbringing, their casual summer romance soon morphs into something more intimate as the two explore their pasts.


Verity is a psychological thriller centered on Lowen, a struggling writer, who accepts the opportunity of a lifetime. She is to write the final books of acclaimed author Verity Crawford’s last book series. What seems like a simple job gets complicated when Lowen finds an unpublished manuscript of Verity’s autobiography. As she gets drawn into the enigmatic woman’s life and story, Lowen begins to uncover secrets that may damn both her and Verity’s family forever. 

November 9

November 9 is a classic Colleen Hoover novel that follows Fallon, a teenage girl who is covered in burn scars and filled with insecurities. One day, while out having lunch with her father, she has an encounter with a witty stranger named Ben and they end up spending the day together. As the day draws to a close, the two agree to meet at the same place every year on the same day, i.e., Nov. 9, for the next five years. While their meetings start as romantic and hopeful, each year they spend apart brings new revelations about their shared history that may ultimately threaten their relationship.

Reminders of Him

Reminders of Him follows a young mother named Kenna who was in prison for five years after accidentally killing her boyfriend, Scotty, in a car accident. Now free, she wants to reunite with her daughter, but this is difficult as Scotty’s parents, who took custody of the child, hate her along with everyone in their small town. Kenna has to prove to Scotty’s parents, the charming bartender she is beginning to fall for, and herself that she is worthy of a second chance and of being in her daughter’s life. 

It Ends with Us

Unarguably Hoover’s most popular novel, It Ends with Us is the story of Lily Bloom, a young and hopeful college graduate who witnessed her father abusing her mother for most of her life. Now in search of a new start, she meets Ryle Kincaid, an attractive neurosurgeon that Lily is immediately infatuated with. However, things get more complicated when her first love, Atlas Corrigan, returns to the picture just as she begins to notice Ryle displaying patterns of behavior very similar to her father’s. Lily has to decide whether the cycle of abuse that she witnessed all of her life will continue or end with her.

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