‘The View’ roasted by ‘Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’ as hostile to other women, conservatives

‘The View’ roasted by ‘Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’ as hostile to other women, conservatives

“Triumph The Insult Comic Dog” skewered “The View” co-hosts on Friday, ripping the show’s reputation as hostile to women and especially whatever person sits in the “conservative” chair.

The long-running comic puppet act, played by comedian Robert Smigel, appeared as a guest on the ABC daytime talk show and did not play safe with his material.

Before a bit where he roasted various GOP politicians, Triumph took aim at the ladies of “The View,” with Joy Behar drawing a lot of the fire.


“I was at Joy Behar’s 80th birthday party. I performed. Oh, what a night it was! It was open bar and open casket!” he quipped, prompting gasps from the co-hosts and the audience.

He followed up with a crude line involving Behar and Hillary Clinton, stating, “Joy, you and I both got so drunk, we were fighting over who got to sniff Hillary Clinton’s chair.” Behar looked slightly unamused as the other hosts laughed.

Triumph continued with more jokes poking fun at Behar’s age. “Joy, you realize you’re 81, you’re old enough to run for president… and to watch The View! You’re right in the demographic of The View now!”


He then targeted the show at large, saying, “I kid. I love The View. It’s inspiring, it’s empowering. It’s a place – women feel safe here, except from other women.”

The joke appeared to be a knock on the show’s reputation for being hostile to certain co-hosts; Meghan McCain famously said it was a “toxic” place after she left the show in 2021.

Ripping Behar and the show in one joke, the insult comic puppet said, “It took 29 years for Joy to marry her husband… Clearly, being a co-host on ‘The View’ taught her not to get too attached to anybody.”

“The View” has seen many hosts come and go over the years, particularly whichever one is in the token conservative seat.

Triumph then targeted co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin. He asked, “This show wasn’t affected by the actors’ strike, was it?… I think you’re all excellent actors, like the way you four girls all act like you’re interested in Alyssa’s opinions.”

That line got a gasp from Griffin, and a big laugh from the rest of the table. Tying it to how “The View” sees non-liberals, he added, “She likes it. That’s one for the conservatives. And that’s the only one!”

He didn’t stop there, taking rips at Republican presidential candidates like Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy; he said the latter was going “all the way” … to appearing on “Dancing With The Stars.” Smigel appeared by himself in the next segment, where he discussed his new animated movie “Leo.”

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