‘You have the opposite of social anxiety’: Woman goes on epic side quest when she takes company up on the offer of a free drink

‘You have the opposite of social anxiety’: Woman goes on epic side quest when she takes company up on the offer of a free drink

How far would you go for a free drink? It surely depends on the circumstances and the drink in question, but for TikToker and maker of vibrantly original shirt designs, Zoë Bread, this was a mission she had to see through to the end.

Zoë came across a post on Dull Men’s Club with a picture of the back of a shower gel bottle. On its label was an informal invitation — a challenge, some may see it as — for anyone reading to drop by I LOVE COSMETICS headquarters in Manchester, England, for a free cup of tea.

Replying to a commenter, Zoë wrote: “It felt like a job for me.” If this was a job, it would end up being well-rewarded.

As someone who has become known for going on silly and fun side quests and wearing the most creative T-shirts while she is at it, Zoë picked up a mug with one of her designs and left her home with one goal in mind: no matter what, she would not quit until she got her “cuppa.”

An epic journey with a wholesome end


dull mens club x zoë bread and what happens when you visit the shower gel headquarters for a cuppa #manchester

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Appropriately wearing a T-shirt stamped with the phrase “I only drink YORKSHIRE TEArs,” Zoë Bread went to the address on the bottle and bravely walked inside, even though it seemed clear from the outside that this was not the right place. She approached the receptionist and was told that the building had been taken over in 2017 by a building contractor company.

When the receptionist was unable to help her, Zoë resorted to Google to find the address of the current headquarters. With no expectations in mind, she finally arrives at her destination and is rewarded with a wholesome conclusion to her quest.

The I LOVE COSMETICS employees were surprised when Zoë disclosed her reason for being there. The TikToker was only the third person to take up the label’s offer, with the first two having gone together. However, even as surprised as they were, everyone at the HQ was warm and welcoming, having no problem offering the brew that their shower gel bottle promised, which wound up being a cup of coffee.

“That was probably the most exciting thing to happen in months in the office.” Wrote one netizen among the many comments complimenting the employees for their generous demeanor.

The cosmetic brand’s employees recognized Zoë as “that TikTok account that makes all the t-shirts and goes around.” In the end, they gave her not only a cup of coffee — that she ended up pouring on the grass outside — but a bag of cosmetics, successfully winning not only Zoë’s heart but that of her followers as well.

I LOVE COSMETICS wrote in the video’s comment section, “Thank you for stopping by! Lovely to meet you and enjoy the goodies “Mary” .” True to how they acted in the video, they were good-natured about the fact that Zoë introduced herself with a fake name. Zoë replied, “Thank you for being so nice !!! sorry for tipping away my drink .”

Despite being known by her followers as a bit of an introvert who does not show her face in her videos, Zoë tackled her side quest as if social anxiety was not a thing. As one commenter wrote, “We could all learn a thing or two from you.”

In an age where many people are more active online than offline, and phone-free face-to-face interactions are rarer than ever, Zoë demonstrates how breaking one’s routine to adventure out of one’s comfort zone can lead to refreshing interactions with people we may otherwise never meet. Random acts of kindness tend to inspire others to act similarly. By sharing the video of how her mission to get a drink unfolded into an endearing conclusion, Zoë was not only entertaining with her antics but also spreading a positive message to her fanbase and others who come across her page and videos.

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