What is a snowball kiss on TikTok? Explained

What is a snowball kiss on TikTok? Explained

It can be tough to keep up with TikTok trends. They move so fast! Just when you get used to one thing, another thing comes along. The latest thing? A snowball kiss. What’s that? We’ll get into it in a second, but be warned – it’s incredibly NSFW. This is not a dare or a test. Your life will be different after you gain this new knowledge, and you might wish you listened to us. Oh well. Here we go.

On the site, there are various references to a snowball kiss in different iterations. Some include a person’s reaction before and after they find out what it is. Some are simply confused. Others claim to have done it and are very proud of that.

Most comments under these videos have the same refrain: what in the heck is a snowball kiss? Let’s head over to our trusty pals at Urban Dictionary for the R-rated explanation. We’ll try to keep this PG-13, so no giggling at the back, please.

Basically, it’s a sex act where a woman goes down her partner, he ejaculates into her mouth, but she doesn’t swallow. Instead, she kisses him and shares what’s in her mouth, hence the snowball. But wait! There’s more! Following this he returns the favor by going downtown, with the contents of his mouth providing extra lubrication, heightening her pleasure.

Well, there you have it. Now our lives will forever be bridged between before and after we learned about a snowball kiss. Oh boy.

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