‘The court is experiencing an ethical crisis’: Samuel Alito should be impeached from the Supreme Court, says TikToker who knows his secrets

‘The court is experiencing an ethical crisis’: Samuel Alito should be impeached from the Supreme Court, says TikToker who knows his secrets

It’s been a volatile few years in American politics and we all know who’s to blame for it. More than three years after the rioters stormed the White House and we’re still feeling the fallout.

Donald Trump’s involvement in inciting the riots has seen him face multiple felony counts and the case has now been taken to the Supreme Court. However, concerns have been raised regarding certain Supreme Court Justices — mainly Samuel Alito, the most conservative-leaning of the nine. In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already filed articles against Alito and Clarence Thomas as well, according to MSNBC.

BREAKING: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has filed articles of impeachment against U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito pic.twitter.com/4Eod0i8anH

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 10, 2024

Samuel Alito is a controversial figure on the Supreme Court

Alito has been a controversy magnet for a while. Let’s not forget that this is the guy who wrote the ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, which removed the deferral right to abortion and thus allowed for stricter laws surrounding access to the procedure. He then also supposedly leaked an early draft form of that decision, although he denies doing so.

Anyways, his conservative leanings go much farther than that. Shortly after Jan 6. Alito flew an upside-down American flag outside his home which is usually used as a sign of distress by the American military. He also flew an “appeal to heaven” flag, something which was seen being carried by those who stormed the White House. Both flags have come to be synonymous with support for Donald Trump.

A recent video posted by Emily Baden to TikTok has gone viral discussing the drama unfolding in the Supreme Court right now. The video focuses on Alito’s excuse for flying the upside-down flag outside his home, apparently he claims that he did this as a “response to an altercation with a neighbor.” Baden calls out Alito for lying, saying that the altercation took place in the middle of February, but the flag was photographed in January. Of course, how could Emily know all of this?


Alito is an insurrectionist Alito lied to congress Thomas took millions in unreported gifts Theres currently no enforcable code of ethics for the supreme court which means this kind of behavior will continue and only get worse unless we force congress to act #supremecourt #alito #flag #january6 #insurrection #usa #scotus

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That’s right, in a twist only M. Night Shyamalan could have written, Emily reveals at the end of her video that she was the neighbor Alito mentioned, so if anyone knows he’s lying it would be her. Viewers expressed their shock in the comments with one commenter saying, “I was already loving what you were saying and then the twist! Omg!”

Obviously this all creates a pretty big ethical dilemma for the Supreme Court as it raises questions over Alito’s ability to be impartial. His opinions seems closer to that of No.1 Trump fangirl, Marjorie Taylor Greene — would you trust her as a Supreme Court Justice? Not only that, but he lied to congress with his poor excuse for having the flag up in the first place!

The right thing to do here would be to recuse himself from the upcoming Trump case considering the fact he’s very much outed himself as a Trump sympathizer. And there’s no denying it, if it wasn’t clear as day before, Emily’s video exposing him certainly leaves no room for doubt.

However, according to an article from Politico, Alito has already rejected calls for him to recuse himself. At this point it seems clear that he is not only incapable of being impartial on the case, but he is also a liar as proven by Emily, so really the only solution to this problem now is to impeach him.

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