‘Raising ’em right’: Dad is so proud of his future gay icon of a daughter for her hilarious name for her breakfast cereal

‘Raising ’em right’: Dad is so proud of his future gay icon of a daughter for her hilarious name for her breakfast cereal

Pride month has officially come to a close, but as per usual, the spirit of pride is alive and well all over the internet.

People are still posting pictures and videos of themselves, their friends, and their family at various pride events. The best part, of course, is always the pictures and videos of little kids decked out in rainbow colors celebrating Pride with their parents. It’s always nice to see that a new generation of parents is teaching their kids to be so loving, accepting, and supportive of everyone.

That heartwarming content doesn’t go away at the end of June, either. Justin Lands posted a video on TikTok of his daughter’s Gay Rights activism in their own home. He showed his daughter some fruity pebbles and asked what she called them, to which she responded not only were they Fruity Pebbles, but more importantly, a Gay Rights cereal.


a gay icon is born #gayrights @PEBBLES Cereal

♬ original sound – jmlands

Technically speaking, there is no specific Gay Rights cereal, but if we were going to assign one, this girl is right on the nose. Commenters agreed on this wholeheartedly, many deciding then and there that the words “fruity pebbles” would no longer be in their vocabulary, from now on it’s Gay Rights Cereal and Gay Rights Cereal only. Others joked that they didn’t realize they’d been an ally since they were six, considering they’ve been eating Fruity Pebbles their whole life. Another commenter mused that maybe his love for this particular cereal was why we turned out gay.

The brand that owns Fruity Pebbles, Post Cereals, has never come out in support of the LGBTQIA+ community, and other than the pure existence of Fruity Pebbles, they’ve yet to have a Pride-themed product. But, if you really are looking for Pride cereals, their competitor Kellog, came out with a Pride cereal in 2021. The limited edition breakfast delight was in collaboration with GLAAD and consisted of Froot Loops-esque rainbow hearts complete with edible glitter. It included a tear-out wristband where people could write their pronouns. The discontinued cereal was called “Together with Pride.”

Of course, with that particular Gay Pride cereal being discontinued there is certainly a gap in the market when it comes to LGBTQIA+ specific breakfast foods. This little girl on TikTok seems to have found her self-proclaimed Pride cereal preference but maybe yours is different. Try a Froot Loop or maybe Trix or even Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries to celebrate Pride every morning, all year around.

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