Queen Cheryl from TikTok’s Death Hoax, Explained

Queen Cheryl from TikTok’s Death Hoax, Explained

Hollywood relationships indicate age is just a number and few eyebrows are raised at 60-year-olds dating people 20 or even 30 years younger than them. Some TikTok celebrities have also adapted the latest romance trend, like Queen Cheryl.

The internet celebrity, real name Cheryl McCain, has become popular due to her age-gap marriage with Quran McCain. When there’s a queen, there is a chance she has a male counterpart to rule together. And her husband is nicknamed, you guessed it, King Quran, and is 38 years younger than his 64-year-old partner. The duo have been regularly posting their love on TikTok, which amassed them thousands of followers.

Queen Cheryl celebrated her 64th birthday on July 10, which she shared by posting a video, where she’s dressed in a colorful dress. “It’s big 64,” she wrote in the caption. However, shortly after, the internet was getting swamped with information about Queen Cheryl’s alleged death, making everyone confused as to what was going on.

Queen Cheryl’s TikTok Death Hoax, explained

Luckily, the rumors about Queen Cheryl’s death are nothing more but a hoax. According to knowyourmeme.com, TikTok trolls have been sharing false information about the influencer’s alleged death. They use a video of her husband, King Quran, crying, with a text implying his wife is dead. The hoax apparently started in 2023 and has been gone for a long time, but unfortunately resurfaced in July following Queen Cheryl’s birthday.

So, luckily, this time around there’s nothing serious to worry about, but just some foolish internet trolls. Take our advice, ignore them, and double-check the information you see on social media.

Who is Queen Cheryl on TikTok?

Now that we have Queen Cheryl’s hoaxed death out of our way, we can take a closer look at the internet celebrity herself. She started posting videos on TikTok in 2022, and quickly rose to fame on the social media platform. At that time, she was already not only in a relationship with King Quran, but the two were already happily married.

It’s not explicitly explained how the two met, but Quran was reportedly working at one of Cheryl’s son’s store ever since he was 15. In an interview with This Morning in March 2023, King Quran explained the two didn’t meet until Quran was 23 (which dates it to 2021), and quickly fell in love.

And when it comes to enjoying content created by such relationships, Queen Cheryl and King Quran have established a true dynasty, literally and metaphorically. They regularly feed their fans with updates from their lives, and recently a pretty major one occurred when the duo announced they would be having a baby via their surrogate mother.

Todd Haynes’ movie May December shows how much pointless hate such relationships attract. The film was based on a similar story, while Queen Cheryl and King Quran are another living proof these couples exist, and are seemingly happy. With the two posting a lot of videos about their daily lives, it’s remarkably easy to take a clip of one of them crying and turning it into a hoax of the other one’s death. As the good old saying goes: don’t feed the trolls, and don’t engage with posts like these.

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