Nicolas Cage barely recognizable in ‘Longlegs’ clips is proof that one of 2024’s scariest movies is almost here

Nicolas Cage barely recognizable in ‘Longlegs’ clips is proof that one of 2024’s scariest movies is almost here

Out of all the intriguing aspects presented in Oz Perkins’ Longlegs, Nicolas Cage’s deeply unsettling performance is likely the most haunting. But what makes his showing all the more terrifying is how he’s barely recognizable in teaser clips.

Unlike formidable villains such as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, who are easily recognizable based on their respective appearance, exclusive looks at Cage’s role as a serial killer known as “Longlegs” make it so that the acclaimed actor is hardly recognizable — with prosthetics and longer hair altering his typical appearance. 

Even in brief and intentionally low-quality clips, viewers can hardly tell that it’s Cage on the screen, except for his eerie voice throughout the film’s official trailer. One clip in particular showcases Longlegs in an interrogation room, although a black box is carefully placed over his face while he’s on the screen to simply build anticipation.

the marketing for #LONGLEGS is like nothing i’ve seen before,

the way that they’ve covered Longlegs’ face in this clip is just so terrifying to me.

i have never been this excited and nervous for a movie ever!!

— ★ holly ! (LONGLEGS MOVIE TOMORROW) (@hollyjack2109) July 8, 2024

Luckily, moviegoers who maintain a true desire for all things horror have confirmed that the long-haired figure shown in teaser clips is in fact Cage, with X user and well-known horror fanatic @​​CriticalOverlo3 confirming that several “first looks” of the actor have already been unveiled — some folks just might not have realized who (or what) they were looking for.

Cage’s horrific appearance and spine-tingling voice is truly just a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming thriller extravaganza, which centers around Maika Monroe’s FBI agent character tasked with piecing together mind-numbing clues to try and assist with Longlegs’ capture.

Without a doubt, withholding Cage’s complete appearance from audiences is definitely a marketing decision that is proving to be essential to the film’s increased hype and overall fear factor. The horror community thankfully doesn’t have to wait too much longer to behold Cage’s emergence, with Longlegs arriving in theaters tomorrow, July 12.

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