Kick streamer goes viral after being swatted by squad of armed police officers

Kick streamer goes viral after being swatted by squad of armed police officers

Fousey was just minding his own business (Twitter)

While livestreaming on Kick, Fousey got into a very scary situation when he was swatted by armed police officers, all because of an illegal prank.

Being a streamer has lots of perks, such as working your own schedule and generally doing what you want, whether that’s playing video games or exploring the world – as long as you’re entertaining your audience.

There are some terrible drawbacks though, as we’ve seen in the past with Amouranth’s stalker problem and xQc having to move house because of daily swatting issues.

Kick streamer Fousey got to experience the latter, when he was about to leave a car park but suddenly found himself surrounded by police officers, thanks to an illegal ‘prank’ by his viewers.

Several videos of the incident have gone viral on social media, which show Fousey about to reverse out of the car park, when he’s startled by police cars blocking the way behind him.

In the video below, you can also hear one of the police officers shouting at him, which is followed by Fousey complying and sticking his hands out of the window.

At one point Fousey tries to explain what has happened, saying, ‘This is a prank call, I’m livestreaming.’

The streamer is then asked to step out of the car, which he does, but not before calling his viewers ‘annoying’ for calling the police on him.

The video shows at least six police officers at the scene, two aiming guns at Fousey and one holding a big shield.

After a chat, while some officers had a closer look at his car, Fousey was allowed to drive off, when he said:

‘Happy we got out of that safe though. The only thing that got me about the whole thing was when he literally said, ‘Keep your hands out of the window, do not put them back in your car or we will shoot,’ and they all had their guns out.’

Swatting is when someone calls the police and makes up a story that causes armed police (often a SWAT team in the US, hence the name) to arrive.

As you might imagine, swatting is illegal, and there have been several deaths as a result of it, but it is very common for streamers.

Fousey’s car is closely examined during swatting incident (Twitter)

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