Has Jenn Tran had any plastic surgery? The ‘Bachelorette’ beauty bares it all

Has Jenn Tran had any plastic surgery? The ‘Bachelorette’ beauty bares it all

You don’t even have to watch season 21 of The Bachelorette to know one thing about its leading lady: Jenn Tran is drop-dead gorgeous!

At a ripe 26 years old, Jenn embodies the perfect combination of youthfulness and maturity — both inside and out — but did any cosmetic surgery lend a helping hand?

Despite being a topic that is typically taboo to talk about, the Bachelorette beauty took to her TikTok account to be completely transparent with Bachelor Nation, sharing a video that details “all the work that [she’s] gotten done so far.”

Jenn Tran has had her lips done, but is that all?

“Get ready with me while I talk about all the work that I’ve gotten done so far, which is none until today,” Jenn shared with her more than 100k followers at the beginning of the TikTok video, before telling the viewers that she had gotten lip filler earlier that day.

This marks Jenn’s first — and hopefully Jenn’s last — cosmetic surgery, sharing with Bachelor Nation why she decided to do so:

“I always wanted to get a little bit of lip filler, I just like haven’t had the chance to. I went to my girl Marissa, who I have been wanting to go to for a really long time, because she does it so that it’s like really, really natural… I really just wanted a look that like enhanced, like the natural beauty of my face I already have, and I don’t want to look like super done up.”

Aside from lip filler, Jenn doubled down and reiterated that she has had no other work done, despite fans of the Bachelor franchise accusing her of having hair extensions as well:

“It’s funny because I get this question all the time, like what work have you have done? Everyone’s like, ‘She definitely has lip filler already. She definitely has fake hair.’ This is all of my own hair, believe it or not. It’s crazy. It’s like down to my butt right now.”

If you count lash extensions as having work done, Jenn is guilty as charged. The Bachelorette beauty added toward the end of the TikTok video that she glues on some falsies each and every week, “and they stay on for like a week or so” before she has to do them again. IMO, nothing is wrong with a few falsies!

Will the fortune and fame that come with being the Bachelorette cause Jenn to continue her cosmetic surgery journey? Only time will tell…

Until then, to see whether or not the New Jersey native finds her perfect match once and for all, catch brand new episodes of season 21 of The Bachelorette Mondays on ABC, or stream them the following day via Hulu. While her group of guys definitely has some duds, our fingers are crossed that first impression rose recipient, Sam McKinney takes the cake!

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