ExtraEmily crashes into police car while Twitch streaming on a bike

ExtraEmily crashes into police car while Twitch streaming on a bike

At least it was funny (Twitch)

The Twitch streamer who always finds herself in the most awkward situations has done it again, as ExtraEmily slams into a police car in New York City.

ExtraEmily has become very popular streamer on Twitch, where she has 375,000 followers, and that’s partly thanks to her willingness to put herself in awkward situations while livestreaming in public.

One of her stunts saw her cook a steak in a car park, when she ended up being accused of making meth by a passer-by. More recently, ExtraEmily was told off for broadcasting herself rating chicken sandwiches in a restaurant.

During a recent stream ExtraEmily found herself in yet another awkward spot, as she crashed into a parked police car while biking.

ExtraEmily was cycling through New York City when she tried to pass another cyclist, next to a traffic jam.

She warned the other person that she was going to overtake him, but just as she did ExtraEmily slammed into the police car adjacent to the cyclist.

The streamer frantically apologised to the man, who seemed unaffected, and to the police officers, asking if everything was fine.

Everything seemed okay, except for the dislocated side mirror of the police cruiser, and ExtraEmily was on her way again.

This isn’t her first traffic accident, as her car was rear-ended while she was stopped at a red light last year.

Although these examples are accidents, ExtraEmily also designs her streams to put herself in absurd situations.

During her latest streams she’s included a virtual spinning wheel of chance, where if fans donate $20 (£15), or the equivalent in Bits or subscriptions, the wheel is spun to reveal a dare for her to do.

Some examples include giving three people a high-five, make a snow angel on the ground, sing loudly off key, and walking like a crab for one minute.

These are all quite innocent but doing them in public often makes for very awkward moments, which is exactly what her fans seem to want.

ExtraEmily once buried herself in a bin and asked a friend to throw water balloons at her (Twitch)

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