‘A liar, a convict, and a fraud’: Joe Biden hits a birdie with savage response to little bogey Donald Trump’s golf challenge

‘A liar, a convict, and a fraud’: Joe Biden hits a birdie with savage response to little bogey Donald Trump’s golf challenge

It’s been two weeks since the presidential debate and we still haven’t forgotten Donald Trump’s childish challenge to battle Joe Biden in a game of golf. The weird moment sparked a plethora of jokes because of course it did. Let’s face it, a presidential debate isn’t the place for golf talk.

Of course, Trump might be good at the sport, but the real question is if he’s a good leader of the country. The Biden-Harris campaign says no. In a recent statement regarding Trump’s golf challenge, Biden absolutely destroys the former president. The first paragraph alone is a pretty good clapback and shows how much of a clown Trump really is. 

BOOM! President Biden’s campaign just released this statement in response to Trump challenging Biden to golf and they absolutely DESTROYED Trump. Every American needs a to see this pic.twitter.com/9BDku1m9fM

— Harry Sisson (@harryjsisson) July 10, 2024

Donald Trump’s gold challenge is just another “weird antic”

Trump’s childish behavior isn’t really screaming president material. Like seriously, the guy praised Hannibal Lecter; he does realize that Lecter is supposed to be the bad guy right? The statement also made mention of Project 2025, probably one of the scariest prospects for Trump’s 2024 administration if he were to win in the November election. Anyways, the golf challenge is just another thing to add to the list of erratic statements coming from the presumptive Republican candidate.

But that’s not all — the Biden administration also brings out some lovely statistics and facts that are hard to ignore. The statement draws attention to the 3 million jobs lost under Trump, his constant cozying up to Russian president Vladimir Putin, and his recent convictions, among many other things. The statement rounds it all off by calling Trump a liar, convict, and “a fraud only out for himself — par for the course.”

At this moment you can imagine Biden dropping the mic. The statement essentially calls Trump out for his “weird antics.” This is a presidential election after all, not some juvenile schoolyard argument. It doesn’t matter who’s better at golf, because if that’s how the U.S. decided its leaders then Tiger Woods would be president.

The list of problems with Donald Trump could go on indefinitely, but the Biden-Harris campaign statement sums them all up nicely and concisely. While there are plenty of Trump cultists snickering at the Democrat’s takedown, there are plenty more who are glad to see that the party is finally showing a bit more aggression, with one user responding, “Love it, good. Keep up the good work.. finally seeing some fight and pushback from Democrats and I can’t get enough.”

During the debate, Donald Trump lied almost the entire time while viewers were left disappointed with Joe Biden’s performance. However, this statement from his administration shows why Biden is the better option and why the Republican convict would undoubtedly be bad news for the country.

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