‘You’re a little too calm for me bestie’: Woman has unbeatable reaction to a permanent fixture of her face falling right off

‘You’re a little too calm for me bestie’: Woman has unbeatable reaction to a permanent fixture of her face falling right off

A word of warning before you plunge ahead here; without giving too much away, there is a very specific sort of nightmare that many, many people tend to share, almost every occurrence of which is followed up by a dental appointment booking.

If you’re one of these people, as I am, know that your blood pressure is probably going to adjust about three times over the course of TikTok‘s @humanbodyremix’s seven-second video. You have been warned.

Here we have Ash, minding her own business as many of us often do. Suddenly, with no inciting incident beyond the mere presence of gravity, we see a mysterious object trickle down her face. This catches Ash’s attention, who begins investigating; an investigation that culminates in the discovery of a missing tooth that was not missing moments ago. Her response? Maniacal laughter. Our response to her response? How on Earth is that your first reaction to this state of affairs?

It gets even better, though; Ash herself commented on this very video, and apparently, those stock sound effects meant to auditorily draw us all in to the shock, were not added by her. Indeed, TikTok itself decided that this little mishap was in need of a little more pizzazz, and the dexterity of this impromptu video-to-audio sync is nothing short of magnificent.

Naturally, other commenters were concerned that Ash’s reaction to a tooth falling out was as giddy as it was, but she would clarify on one such comment that it wasn’t a tooth in the purest sense, but a crown. Crowns, of course, are artificial restorations of teeth that are used protect and otherwise reinforce a patient’s dental health in the event of a particularly nasty cavity. These tend to be attached via dental cement, which can eventually lose its grip, in a manner of speaking.

In saying that, it’s impressive that Ash managed to capture the moment. According to AlSaleh Dental, most dentists estimate that a crown is capable of lasting a decade or two without falling out. In other words, once Ash manages to rectify the gap left behind by this runaway crown, she won’t have to worry about it again until James Cameron’s Avatar film series is finished (the fifth and final film is due in 2031, although James Cameron is prepared to make a sixth and seventh entry if the demand is there, so who knows?).

Moral of the story? Brush, floss, use mouthwash, and get regular checkups, lest the teeth-falling-out dream makes the transition to reality as it did for Ash (and we’re going to go out on a limb and say your reaction wouldn’t be quite as bubbly).

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