‘You literally hate him!’: One of Kanye West’s exes came out with the most savage video, and we’re here for it

‘You literally hate him!’: One of Kanye West’s exes came out with the most savage video, and we’re here for it

Coming out of the closet is always difficult, but some people reach a state of acceptance where they want to shout it from the rooftops. One of Kanye “Ye” West‘s exes, Julia Fox, did that with the most savage video.

West has had many relationships in the spotlight, but perhaps the most famous one was with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. However, shortly after announcing their breakup, Kanye quickly moved on with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox.

Their relationship was short-lived, but we got so many iconic outfits from it. Of course, Julia’s memoir Down the Drain later revealed that Kanye picked and approved her outfits, becoming just one of many red flags to pop up throughout their relationship. The pair broke up in February 2022, and, in May 2024, Fox revealed that she had been celibate for two and a half years, basically since she stopped dating Kanye. She had also previously admitted that she never had sex with the rapper. Now, she has a fun message for all the boys out there.

Julia Fox seemingly comes out as a lesbian

Since her breakup from West, Fox has continued giving the world iconic, yet risky head-turning outfits. She’s also spent time focusing on her son, furthering her career, and starring in Steven Soderbergh’s 2024 film Presence. Kanye also moved on, marrying his new girlfriend, Bianca Censori in 2023. Now, Julia is making even more changes as she seemingly comes out as a lesbian.

As expected, the coming out was fierce. Fox used a TikTok stitch based on a video that comedian Emily Gracin (@emgracedawg) posted, saying, “I love when I see a lesbian with their boyfriend, it’s like ‘ah, you hate that man, you literally hate him!’”

In return, Julia added her own message. “Hey, that was me, I was that lesbian. So sorry, boys, won’t happen again.”

We don’t know about you, but this is the fiercest video ever — don’t you hear the subtle shade?

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