Who won TikTok’s great gnome war?

Who won TikTok’s great gnome war?

The war between the gnomes and the Knights has been raging for what feels like eons now – So many lives lost, sacrifices made, it’s been so long that it’s hard to remember what is even being fought for. 

In reality of course it’s been a couple of weeks at most and everyone’s having a pretty good time playing what amounts to a worldwide game of DnD through TikTok. The deep lore and impressive world building that has risen from what essentially started out as a joke is truly astounding. What began as one Polish guy terrorizing shop employees while dressed in a little green cloak has morphed into something so much more grand in scale and ambition. People have already made extensive videos covering the whole story so far, and as you’ll see for yourself, it’s pretty complicated.


this is my final gnometok video i promise

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It has to be one of the greatest fantasy plots of modern times and we get to watch it unfold before our eyes for free. Of course, with collective stories like this, it can be hard to keep up, there are so many new additions to the world coming from different creators who have jumped on board to add their own contributions. So what is going on with the gnomes and knights? Is the war over yet? And more importantly, do we know who won?

Gnomes vs. Knights, who won?

The resentment between the two sides boiled over into an all out battle on July 4th which marked a decisive end to the feud. Victory went to the gnomes of course, as if it was ever going to go any other way. The gnomes had the assistance of the mermaids, sirens, forest creatures and even the fairy-folk among other things which ultimately led to a decisive victory. 


My fellow gnomes, we won!! TONIGHT… we celevrate!!!!!!!!@CRAWLY #gnomesoftiktok #gnomes #gnomevsknight #victory

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On the other hand, the knights were never quite sure what they were fighting for in the first place. It was obvious from the start that their hearts just weren’t truly in it and it ultimately led to their defeat at the hands of their sworn enemy.

Is the war truly over?

For now, it seems as though we can say with some certainty that peace has been restored. While it’s possible the knights could mount a counter attack, from a meta-perspective, the interest in the trend has died down. Nothing ends a story quicker than its audience losing interest, but at least we got to see (or hear about) an epic conclusion to the great gnome war.


We have been brought to peace.. the Knights and Gnomes finally have made peace. We can all live in harmony #deadcandy #gnomesoftiktok #gnome #wizardgnome #knights #july4th #july5th

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The aftermath of the war has left many gnomes with their homes destroyed, although some reports claim that the two sides are now living in harmony and have helped each other rebuild. Is it possible that gnomes and knights could truly live side by side? Maybe the real battle was the one against our own prejudices all along.

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