What it’s like to have stiff person syndrome, plus personal fertility and epilepsy stories

What it’s like to have stiff person syndrome, plus personal fertility and epilepsy stories

‘BEYOND FRUSTRATING’ – Two patients with stiff person syndrome, the rare neurological disease that has affected singer Celine Dion, share their day-to-day struggles – and sources of hope. Continue reading…

MOMS ON MUSHROOMS – Some moms are microdosing on psychedelic “magic mushrooms” to ease the stress and anxiety of parenting, but certain doctors warn of dangerous risks. Continue reading…

AGAINST THE ODDS – Among men who experience spinal cord injuries, nearly eight in 10 experience fertility and reproduction issues – but a clinic in Miami, Florida, is on a mission to help them start a family. Continue reading…

RED FLAGS – A new report warns of a surprising sign of early dementia, which can have dire consequences for aging adults. Continue reading…

INHERITED RISK – Your odds of developing Alzheimer’s could be linked to which parent had the disease, a new study reveals. Continue reading…

ART WITH HEART – A New Jersey man with epilepsy is using his hand-painted seashells to help find a cure. He and his family share the mission with Fox News Digital. Continue reading…

DENIAL DANGERS – In light of Joe Biden’s “terrible” debate night, experts share the risk of denying potential dementia symptoms. Continue reading…

PLAGUE WARNINGS – After a human case of the plague was confirmed in Colorado, health officials are warning residents to take caution. Continue reading…

3-MINUTE STRESS RELIEVER – A wellness expert demonstrates 7 stretches that reduce tension in the body and mind. Click for descriptions and photos of the stretching series. Continue reading…






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