What is ‘The One Piece’ remake release date?

What is ‘The One Piece’ remake release date?

In December, we received the news that a One Piece remake – The One Piece – was coming, and surprisingly enough, it was met with a slew of positive reactions from fans of the most iconic story in Shonen anime. Despite our loyalty to the 1999 adaptation, we can all admit its flaws, and let’s be honest, they are plentiful.

In fact, the very reason for a new adaptation is to avoid repeating those same flaws and mistakes. According to WIT Studio President George Wada, aside from hoping to reach an even wider audience in a time when anime has become more popular than ever, they also intend to modernize the animation for those who might be intimidated by the 4:3 format and the number of episodes. Admittedly, watching over 1,000 episodes, with lots, and I mean lots of filler, isn’t for the weak.

With these fair and understandable concerns in mind, we’re more excited about the remake than ever before. Lately, WIT has also been adding fuel to the fire by making a few statements regarding The One Piece, but is there a release date among them?

When is The One Piece remake coming out?

via Wit Studio and Netflix

Unfortunately, we still don’t have an exact release date yet, but the show might be coming as early as 2025. While it is still in development, the announcement of a new remake was made in December. Assuming it will take around a year, or a year and a half to conclude its first season, hopefully, 2025 will be the year for the series to hit Netflix. At the same time, WIT confirmed that in August, some big news regarding the remake would be announced, and perhaps, a release date will be on the horizon after all.

The announcements will likely come during One Piece Day on August 10 and 11, 2024. In the meantime, we know that WIT is planning to experiment with its own distinctive style (which you may know from anime like Attack on Titan and Spy x Family), and the number of episodes will also be closely monitored — praise all the gods. Sign us up already.

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