‘She can hear the fear in your voice’: Father gets a fright when his future horror movie star of a daughter won’t break character

‘She can hear the fear in your voice’: Father gets a fright when his future horror movie star of a daughter won’t break character

Children often express their creativity and commitment to their make-believe worlds in the most adorable ways. There are few to no restraints to their imagination when they unleash it, which is an integral part of one’s healthy development in the early years.

Children can be mischievous as well, delighting in testing boundaries and limits, especially when they understand that their actions affect the grown-ups. When they elicit a reaction, they find amusement in their success and will likely try to provoke similar responses.

For instance, one father on TikTok gets to experience this on a regular basis. His daughters usually take things to a whole other level of flawless realism by planning, dressing up, and acting out their creations to nightmarish proportions, showcasing just how immense their imaginative capabilities are. The videos are then shared online, undoubtedly contributing to some great early memories for the family (if not a few sleepless nights).

Future Academy Award winners

It is apparent how scaring Dad has become a cherished tradition in this family. On the TikTok account @snackbandits, the family shares many videos of the two sisters, Dakota and Dylan, their passion for dressing up, and how they employ their incredible make-up skills to create impressive cosplays. When she was but 4 years old, Dakota was a guest on Steve Harvey’s TV program, sitting shyly on the couch with her proud father, Jarell, as they discussed where the interest began and how it developed.

It is more than clear that both children adore dressing up in equal measure. As the father-daughter duo explained to Harvey, Dakota’s first character was Heath Ledger’s the Joker from the 2008 movie The Dark Knight. Since then, Dakota and Dylan have been unstoppable in their creations and impersonations, having cosplayed numerous characters from a variety of franchises, including many horror movie villains.

The phrase “every single time” in the video alludes to the fact that giving Dad a fright with their stellar costumes, incredible acting, and commitment to the characters, has become a beloved common occurrence in this fun household.

The star of the above video is Dylan, who plays the part of the possessed Demon Nun from The Conjuring and Nun film franchises to perfection. By now, the future actress has become proficient in making Jarell tremble in his boots. Even the video’s direction, with the clever inclusion of the creepy doll, suggests that we are witnessing a horror movie superstar in the making.

Dakota shares her sister’s enthusiasm for using their father as a victim of their playful scares, with one of her iconic looks being Samara from The Ring. And, as always, she commits to the part wholeheartedly:


Its to late for this mess and dakota wants to try scaring me dressed as samara from the ring #worldsyoungestmakeupartist #paintwithdakota #princessofsfx #makeup

♬ original sound – Snackbandits ®️

Due to the undeniable talent that these sisters possess for taking their make-believe to an impressive level, the family has garnered a large faithful community of over 2 million followers on TikTok, who are all very vocal in their belief that these two have what it takes to one day extend their blooming gift to the silver screen.

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