Palworld partners with Sony for anime and merch but there’s still no PS5 version

Palworld partners with Sony for anime and merch but there’s still no PS5 version

Palworld plushie armageddon might be upon us (Pocketpair)

Sony has announced a joint venture with Palworld creator Pocketpair, in what sounds like an attempt to turn it into a multimedia franchise.

While Palworld’s popularity has taken a noticeable dip from its record-breaking numbers at launch in January, it has managed to maintain a steady player base six months later.

These numbers recently received a boost following the June update, which added a new island, new Pals, a raised level cap, and dedicated Xbox servers. At time of writing it’s ranked 15th on the most played games on Steam, which is the highest it’s been in several weeks.

Whether the game has already peaked is unclear, but it seems Palworld is hoping to channel Pokémon once again, as it pushes to expand its reach beyond the gaming world.

On Twitter, Pocketpair announced a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Japan and anime production company Aniplex to establish new company Palworld Entertainment, which is described as being ‘responsible for the licensing business of Palworld’.

As outlined on the company’s website, Palworld Entertainment has been created for the ‘purpose of accelerating the multifaceted global development of Palworld and its further expansion’.

A note on the website, however, mentions that this joint venture doesn’t include the game licence – so it sounds like this is primarily for other Palworld projects in other mediums, with the inclusion of Aniplex (also owned by Sony) suggesting some kind of anime adaptation.

Along with this new company, Pocketpair announced Palworld merchandise will soon be available on the Aniplex website, although no products have been revealed yet.

While Sony Music Entertainment Japan is a separate branch from PlayStation, this collaboration makes a PlayStation 5 version seem even more inevitable – as it’s hard to imagine these talks have happened without some sort of deal for a PlayStation 5 port.

In fact, it’s strange that it hasn’t been confirmed already, regardless of this new annoucement.

Pocketpair previously said it was ‘in talks’ to bring Palworld to more platforms beyond PC and Xbox, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Just don’t hold your breath for a Switch port, unless The Pokémon Company has relaxed its attitude after threatening to take legal action.

It’s a matter of time before these hit PS5 (Pocketpair)

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