‘Low Tide In Twilight’ chapter 93 release date, confirmed

‘Low Tide In Twilight’ chapter 93 release date, confirmed

In case you missed it, the popular manhwa, Low Tide in Twilight, has returned from its long hiatus and is being published weekly again.

The story follows Euihyun, a young man who is stopped from committing a murder-suicide by Taeju. Their relationship becomes pretty complicated from there, which is why we have 93 chapters and counting. Anyway, we’ve already had a couple of new chapters since the long break with chapter 91 marking a return to regular scheduling. But when exactly do new chapters release, and more importantly, when can we expect chapter 93 to drop?

Low Tide in Twilight chapter 93 release date

The latest part of the story is expected to be available for fans to read on July 13. If you want to know the specific times as well we’ve got you covered, the new chapter will be available to read at the following times:

Pacific Time: 8:00 AM 

Eastern Time: 11:00 AM 

Central European Time: 5:00 PM

As with previous chapters it will be available in the usual places, Bomtoon for Korean readers (along with French and Thai translations) and Lezhin comics for English readers. Both services require a subscription to read past the first chapter however.

What can we expect in chapter 93?

With the dramatic confrontation between Taeju and the kidnappers in the last chapter, we can expect Taeju and Euihyun to be reunited. However, where things go from there is anyone’s guess, we’ll just have to wait until the next part releases to find out where the story goes next.

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